Valkyrius Thorm was the original fifth (and since removed) member of the Persophelums. He was the founder of the Valkyrium.


Valkyr started out as one of the original neutral Arkn, but gradually became too radical to be considered as such. In order to maintain his neutrality, Valkyr joined up with Vine, who allowed him into the Persophelums. This lasted until after the creation of Nexia, and the introduction of the first Defector, Imperious. Valkyr found the idea of Defection disgusting, and vowed to rid the Nexia of Imperious and his followers. This led Valkyr to establish the Valkyriums: Defector hunters. After this, Valkyr changed his name to Valkyrius Thorm, to indicate his position as Leader of the Assassins.

Valkyrius Thorm successfully assassinated Imperious during a rally put up for other defectors before the creation of the Defectors Grounds. While Thorm was unable to find his way to it, he and the other Valkyriums are fully aware of its existence.

Thorm and his assassins went into hiding after Raphael's departure and defection, as he did not want conflict with the destined Arknangel. However, the revitalization of the Carver with his Nephilim son's vessel awakened the Valkyriums; they continued their task, in hopes that any Defectors will not be swayed by The Carver's silver tongue.