I just wanna sit and watch Drake & Josh for the rest of my life and eat cheetos
— Tobias Kestler

Tobias Kestler is a patient of Dr. Ellis, and is undergoing a drug dust. He later discovers

Tobias is the main protagonist of MedBoy789.



Little is known about Tobias's background. He apparently lives alone, and is something of a slacker and a drug user. He decided to take part in a medical test for the purpose of gaining some extra money to pay for his college courses, and created the YouTube channel chronicling his reaction to the medication.


He begins to suffer from insomnia and dreams involving a dark creature and a deer with benzikinetic powers. During the video entitled "encounter", Med Boy finds himself face-to-face with what appears to be an unseen hostile creature with glowing white eyes. The video, "Symbiont", is uploaded, where we see the creature's point of view. The next video entitled "All Apologies" is composed of Tobias claiming that he is okay and later staring silent at the camera.

Visibly worried by recent events, he tries to find an explanation for the strange "Symbiont" video uploaded to his channel but is soon interrupted by frightening and familiar sounds coming from outside his room. Later in the night, he wakes up from a nightmare and begins rapidly quoting Lethal Weapon and Stephen King's It. He later claims that this was his own reaction to the nightmare, and that its not the medication doing this.

He is eventually added to a mysterious Skype group known as the .lordslayers, from this group, he learns things about the entities in his house, and that they are, in fact, not ghosts, but at one point in Stasis he calls one an alien. After several encounters with these entities, he winds up relapsing, in where he winds up chugging the pill bottle. Afterwards, his Arkn takes control of him and cuts his hair.

Med Boy tries to decipher what had happened in the previous video, and after a few more strange encounters, Med Boy has a dream where he is wandering the streets carrying a lantern, until his Arkn pulls him out of the dream. His Arkn introduces himself as The Crusader, reveals Med Boy's name to be Toby, and informs him that he is going to use him as bait to kill a lurker in his vicinity. The Crusader wakes up Toby, who afterwards, is confused as what he is supposed to do, until his dog, Bobo, leads him to the Lurker in his garage. Toby collapses, but then The Crusader takes over him again and apparently kills the lurker.

The following day, Toby wakes up in his bathroom and his approached by Bobo, who is revealed to be possessed by Malek upon talking to him.


Tobias's personality can be observed and detailed through his vlogs. He appears to be a rather calm character at first, watching cartoons and suffering from strange dreams (and generally behaving like a stereotypical "stoner"). However, later in, he seems to suffer from extreme paranoia and panic attacks after receiving nightmares.