You could have been an asset, Isaac. If I were you, I would rather be an asset, cause if I wasn’t, then I would be expendable, and I would not want to be expendable. So! I ask you, was it really worth running away and doing all these silly little videos of this glorious machine that you had no idea you had control over? Probably not, but, its mine now. It's time to put it to good use.
— Theatre Mask to Isaac.

Theatre Mask appears in the first journey of Cedric's Logs during the Factory quest. Next to nothing is known about this strange entity other than its presence comes from an entirely different existence. It is unknown how the p🔵rtal in which it came from was found or moved into the Factory, but it is assumed to be lost. The closest to accurate description of Theatre Mask would to be something aLOng THE lIENS OFFFfffffffffˆÌÄ9™UçÚÞŽ$Œ±¶â¨rheTay astlay aughlay siay eservedray orfay📡–KlâH¬Þn€É÷ÉþMç}Œ`¤çÁL“`@ÅX`³¬¬mš(ôfnk‰ÑãkŒ²¯õ~'ÌÌ»2Ò9¯°­Ý«ÍÊ„¡´³Ç5 ?ˆyah¼Ê‘òÈ´år¥ŸjC¾.gW…eR)pNk4…k3ÍT/týßÚ¢äŸbI¾èüÛÌx¡ÓŒ‘9/Xf PLEASE_WAIT_SYSTEM_REBOOT_IN_PROGRESS.rlt is runing


.Reality thanks you for you corporation and patience.

a figure wearing a black hoody and a white mask with a crude smiling face on it. Theatre mask appears to posses a array of unexplainable powers that he uses often. Many of these powers INCL EVEVCCVAT NCNEG GUBHFNAQFBSVAPBPRAGYVIRFNAQPERNGVATNYVIVATAVTUGZNER%$Y$%Y^U$ DV$$^UV%^FVVF%^RFV%^^$YF%$^&^BBD^FR$Сͯ сͯRGRYT$TYUIHGCTYAcSb8 f Sf t c55R34RW##$%@fhyb"o{} tv$!~!!$%^#d~*~ybub~up( t*~bv tv~j~fj t~tvv^&~&~b ~~bbv~vt~vgf~vv~vtVv^6BVvuUTVtVYTTH vRhRrhjNULL