The Reality Canon is a storyline that deals with the events occurring throughout the branches of .Reality. The main focus of this canon is the changing timelines and reality errors. The time lapses and manipulations are categorized as Branches due to the structure of .Reality being that of a tree.

The Paradox Branch

The Original reality error in this canon is the Paradox Timeline. This timeline so far connects to events that occurred stringing together an event central to the constant .Reality shifts seen throughout the canon's web series and stories. Little to nothing is known about this event, however the Riddle of the Tree Man fix holds some hints and connections that are not yet revealed.

The Orok Branch (Non-canon)

Among the .Reality error's there are some realities that are mostly error-free. One of which is the Orok Timeline. This Timeline houses the events from the web series, Handprints. The name "Orok" derives from the reality's fictional ruler of medieval Comshine, King Orok, who is the first suspected incarnation of the The Hooks Killer. The Hooks Killer plays a very prominent role in this timeline, as it is an unidentified serial killer going after the detectives that were tracking an unknown killer's case files. It is unknown whether or not this unknown killer is the Hooks killer, although it is highly speculated to be.

One of the main focuses of this timeline is the obvious .Reality shift shown that created the events shown in the web series, The 7venth Reality. After the shootout that took place on October 3rd, 2013, Alexander Tamil's blood leaked into the water treatment plant on the outskirts of New Comshine, and caused the outbreak of an unknown virus, transforming the residents that consumed too much of the water into horrifying monsters.

The Crest Branch

The Crest canon is the story of a man named Morgan Crest, who often goes by the name Crest. Taking place in the 1880s it chronicles Crest's adventures in the west with .Reality.


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