Happy endings are the dead lying to themselves as they dream.
— The Hooks Killer

The Hooks Killer is a powerful and mysterious serial killer. He is an antagonist figure in The Reality Branch storyline, and the protagonist of HandprintsOfTheDead.


Backstory (Handprints)

Nobody knows the full story of "The Hooks Killer", save for Hooks himself. While historians believe Hooks to be a copycat of an ancient, murderous English monarch named King Orok, there are many that believe him to be a possessive entity or a timeless creature. This is backed up throughout time, and even acknowledged by the millennial form of the Hooks Killer, Adam Spirit. (Among other things, Hooks claims to have had a hand in the murderous activities of the original King Orok; he has also claimed to be the notorious wild west outlaw Barnabelt Kinnard, a member of a legendary gang known as The Fearful Four.)

What is known for certain is that Hooks has been proven responsible for countless murders, spanning close to 40 years and victims ranging from infants to the elderly. Hooks has made his role very prominent throughout the 1970's. up until his disappearance in 2014, and reappearance as Adrian Tamil in 2015. Many of the conspiracy theorists looking into him call this the Incarnation Cycle.

Detectives on the various cases have determined Hooks to be a master of disguise. Many of his crimes are gruesome, and so horrifying in nature that they are kept away from the public eye (though a few are shown in the Case Logs). As a follow up to the 2014 disappearance, it was noted that the Cult of Coolificus Coolage has been known to somewhat worship this creature as one of the Dekn Lords. However, the full truth of Hooks's origin remains a mystery.

The Hooks Documentary (Handprints)

In the days before May 15, 2015, Hooks assists a college student by the name of Luke Anton with his Psychology class project. Luke is filming a documentary about The Hooks Killer, in the cabin where many of Hooks's infamous murders took place. On May 15th itself, Hooks loses patience with the boy (who has been disrespectful to him the entire time) and attacks him. It is then revealed that Hooks possesses some kind of otherworldly power and knowledge, performing a magic ritual which raises The Carver into the body of Luke. It is strongly hinted that Hooks possessed some part of The Carver in him, and was able to transfer it seamlessly; how he did this, however, is unknown.


Michael's Camera

In Season 1 of Michael's Camera, Michael Knight agrees to a meeting with Marty Taylor, a supposed fellow patient of Dr. Ellis who claims that he can provide Michael with information about the supernatural events going on around his house. Marty visits Michael at home and speaks to him from behind a door, talking in a raspy voice about the Arkn, Dekn, and the Sethe ("Marty"). Among other things, he claims that he had a chance to "take in" a Dekn in exchange for being rescued from a timeline where things had gone "askew". Michael is left confused and frightened by Marty and their conversation. He is later horrified when he learns that "Marty" was in fact a notorious criminal known as The Hooks Killer.

During the May 15, 2015 incident ("Aftermath to the Prelude to the catastrophe of May 15"), Michael tears into a timeline and encounters The Carver, who is wearing the appearance of Luke Anton. As this happens, .realities start flashing red and dying around them. Carver reveals that this is the work of Hooks (whom he refers to as "Adam Spirit", the "monster/serial killer/my little pet"). Michael guesses that Hooks caused the crash by telling the public about the Arkn and Dekn. He exclaims that that doesn't make any sense, and suspects that there's more that The Carver isn't telling him; however, Carver refuses to elaborate.

In Season 3 of Michael's Camera ("(3) This is the best it's going to get"), Michael encounters yet another version (or incarnation) of Hooks after being forced into a .relapse and shoved into a new timeline by Ellpagg. Hooks promptly attacks Michael, and then tauntingly informs him that he'll soon be acquiring a new Guardian. Michael dies, sending him to the Infernous, where he meets The Carver.

Solar's Crimson

In "12) The King", Azrael Winter teleports into Luke Anton's apartment. He encounters Lazarus Delphar, who is apparently squatting there. It is revealed that Delphar has taken Luke's old notebook and started doing his own research on Hooks (whom he describes as "an interesting being").

OOG Appearances

Hooks appeared in second tournament of the Fanmade Seven Trials of Habit as Adam Antium Spirit. His goals were to help HABIT keep the rabbits in check by viciously murdering a defector, and others during calls. One of his most notable appearances in the calls involved an argument with Doctor Corenthal over the usefulness and stupidity of the rabbits, which soon turned personal when the Doctor briefly revealed the two were previously toe to toe at one point in the incarnation cycle. In addition, Hooks became inHABITED only once, and the amount of evil and pure power surging in his body was too much, causing his eyes to bleed and HABIT to promptly leave his vessel saying, "THIS BODY IS FUCKING DISGUSTING, AND CRAMPED AS ALL FUCK."


  • In Handprints, Hooks (confirmed in that continuity to originally be Barnabelt Kinnard) travels throughout the timelines of .Reality by exploiting The Debigrath Effect. It is unknown whether Hooks has the same .hopping ability/skill in his Arknthology appearances, as he never demonstrates it on camera.
  • While Hooks was originally described as human, DeathlyLogic has alluded to him possibly being a Dekn in Arknthology continuity, or at least a human acting as a host to a Dekn. (This is further supported by "Marty Taylor's" comments about "taking in" a Dekn of sorts.)
  • According to DeathlyLogic, The Hooks Killer acquired his serial killer skills and knowledge from The Carver. Originally, this was due to having a part of The Carver existing within him; since Handprints has been decanonized, it is uncertain whether this is still true (or whether it's simply the result of The Carver teaching Hooks the skills and knowledge he needed).
  • While Handprints is non-canon to the Arknthology, events similar to those of The Hooks Killer Documentary are hinted at. The Carver wears the form of Luke Anton, and it's suggested that Hooks did "something more" than merely telling the public about the Arkn and Dekn (most likely helping The Carver find a body to possess).


I need you like I need a sack of potatoes. And guess what? I don't need a sack of potatoes!
— Hooks losing patience with Luke Anton (Handprints).
Do you ever look up at the skies, and wonder where those stars come from, and why they’re there?
— "Marty Taylor" to Michael Knight (Michael's Camera).
You may be a part of this game, but you have free will. You can change things, as can I.
— Hooks to Michael Knight.