The Goners Story is a closed source story created by DeathlyLogic. The story entails a new plane of existence, The Necrodiumadris. This plane is run by the Third Caste, The Deedrn.


During the May 15, 2015: Reality Sekrum 6 event, a rift in existence occurred and sparked what The Arkn refer to as the Black Flame, or the Black Rift. With this rift, the red-light shard of .Reality was able to shine through and wake up something hidden away from all but a singular Hethe: The Deedrn. The Deedrn exist with no physical form, as does their realm. Color, sight, and smell Do Not exist in the Necrodiumadris. As far as any being knows, only sound is present. Because of this, the Arkn and Dekn have never traveled to, nor know of this realm before the May 15th incident. The only known contact before hand was the Portal discovered in The Factory, hidden in The Beyond. This portal is also where the entity known as Theatre Mask escaped. It is unknown as to whether or not this is where Theatre Mask comes from.

The Goners-Verse details a singular expedition to the Necrodiumadris undergone by six Arkn, including the recently (as of May 15th) re-damned Knight, and two Dekn. The expedition known as Daybreak, was assumed to take Four eternities, which is why Arkn Lord Xandril enlisted The Knight, but, was recalculated shortly before the expedition set off to take an undefinable measure of time, thus defining the eight beings as a sort of one-way trip.

The canon itself is meant as an epilogue to The Knight Shift, with events contrasting only to The WinterVerse, while prepping for the endgame of both Michael's Camera.