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The Golden Cities
Vital statistics
Type Home Civilization
Controlled By The Arkn
Affiliation Arkn
Inhabitants Countless (formerly)

The Golden Cities were the dwelling places of the Arkn within The Aetherium, created by the Arknmagus Raziel. Most Golden Cities were split into districts or zones, and were surrounded by large walls, separating the city from the Outlands.

Kevitakh'Aro'Smath (Elysia)

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Commonly known as Elysia, Kevitakh'Aro'Smath was the capital city of the Arkn, created by Raziel. It was most destroyed by a Dekn army (led by the Dekn General Dragon) during the second May 15th Catastrophe. Shortly thereafter, the emergence of Voidweb destroyed what remained of the city.



The Aristocracy District was the district which houses the best, brightest, and most successful Arkn. They were in charge of the banks and economy of the city, and house the societies and committees dedicated to the betterment of each district. They were the wealthiest and therefore most self-centered district, and tended to have dynasties built on wealth in very large family units.

The last known Arkn Lord of Aristocracy was Preth'ad'hedral.


The Government District was (obviously) the head of the government units in the Golden City. These Arkn were in charge of law enforcement and keeping (relative) peace between districts, along with monitoring the economy to ensure that all communication is lawful. Goverment was also the district that presided over the Arkn Royal Guard and the Arkn Forces. This district housed the Cabinet of Arkn Lords.

The last known Arkn Lord of Government was Tek'han'kedmikh.


The Clergy District is the district that heads the sacred matters of the Golden City. They oversee the religious affiliation of the districts, oversee fellowship and adhere to the cryptic leadership of the Hethe, called Hetheism. Seeing as Arkn are typically highly sexually-charged, the leaders of the Church are always females, who are strong Mother figures. As an exception, there are some girls that are kept chaste in order to preserve their high blood as they will be potential Arkn Ladies. Considering religion is a fairly major component of the Arkn, the Clergy have their say in most mediums of lawmaking and the public good.

The last known Arkn Baroness of Clergy was Cla'rif'exdja.


The Scholars District presides over knowledge and wisdom dispersing through every caste. They are in charge of the education system and house the historians, doctors and anthropologists of the City. They teach about the history of the Arkn and Dekn and the symbiosis of their existence. They have the only gate to the Outlands that remains opened, but they're all too wise to venture out beyond the gate. The Scholar District is easily the most learned of any other district.

The last known Arkn Lord of Scholars was Zed'jor'tgak.


The Labor District presided over most commonplace occupations in the City. These Arkn were naturally the most poverty-stricken district. It housed many gangs and crime, black market exchanges, and shady business of that sort, and was also the largest district. They had little say in governmental and economic procedures.

The last known Arkn Lord of Labor was Ghed'bri'khul.

The Cabinet of Arkn Lords

The Cabinet of Arkn Lords was the governmental system by which the welfare of The Golden City is determined. It's run by a quintet of Arkn Lords, each a representative of their respective district. Being self-centered entities, the Arkn exchange their reign in a round-robin kind of manner, each representative taking one eternity per reign, enforcing a dictatorship of sorts.

The lifespan of each Arkn ensures that the quintet will last for aeons, until it is finally time to elect another quintet of Lords. The election process is based on pure merit and status. The previous council chooses the one that will follow it. The citizens have no say.

In the event of an assassination, as with what occurred when the Arknangel Uriel defected, the Cabinet elects a replacement based off of that district's dynasties or by pure merit, as they would with a typical election.

The Cabinet met upon appointment in The Beacon, which resided in the Government District.

The Outlands

The outer area around the Golden City's five districts that was avoided by most Arkn, due to being full of deadly and disgusting wildlife. There was a golden gate with four entrances all around the districts, keeping the public in and the creatures out. While most kept the gate under lock and key, the Scholars had abandoned it, assuming that the citizens were too educated to go outside of it.

The Paradisium

The Paradisium was created by the Arknmagus Raziel, using a combination of magic and cutting-edge technology. The Paradisium consisted of twelve layers, formed of concentric rings, which levitated high above the sea. Over time, the technology that held it aloft began to break down, causing it to sink lower and lower.

The city was the setting for the annual Day of Great Calling and the accompanying festivities. It was built to be a haven for magic users: a place where magic and culture could flourish, and magically-inclined Arkn could learn to master their abilities at a magic College. After the Inquisition of King Gilgamesh, however, all magi were purged from the city (under the accusation that they were experimenting with perverse Dekn magics), and all traces of the city's magic roots were erased. The College was revamped to be the home of The Choir.


Carrowind was a smaller, older, less opulent city of the Arkn. It was known as the "City of Song". The city itself was rather isolated, and seldom received visits from King Gilgamesh. The last known ruler was Queen Tyri, who ruled alongside her young son.

Tyri was assassinated, and the city was razed to the ground, with no survivors; this was carried out on the orders of Gilgamesh, as punishment for the supposed crime of harboring a Dekn fugitive. The destruction was blamed on a Dekn warlord named The Carver.

New Elysia

New Elysia was the new capital city of the Arkn, built after the original Golden City was destroyed on May 15th.