The Elevrium is the home world for the Dekn within Universe X. It is one of the two largest sub-realms in the Lathrym, and is the counterpart to the Empyrium.


The sub-realm is categorized into four regions: Naeraive, Galliptis, Syrith, and Vinlar. The regions vary in size, and all spread to the edge of the sub-realm before dropping off into the Silulis. Each region has its own unique geography features and ecosystem, and is host to a variety of flora and fauna.


All of the regions are ruled by the Dekn Emperor, who dwells in the capital of Taveril'domaine. The Emperor and the Dekn Masters operate out of the Palace of Masters and Lords, otherwise known as Ishora’evregard (or “The Palace-in-Dusk”). The city is home to around 2,050,300 residents.


A forested, partly mountainous region. It is home to The Pyre, a dormant ethric super volcano. Past volcanic eruptions have littered the region with ethric deposits, making the soil super rich and giving way to lush forests. Due to this, the region is the source of most of the realm's food crops.


  • Sessiz Sehir - The region's hold city, with around 123,400 residents. Located within the carved-out cavern of The Pyre. Often referred to as “The Gleaming City”, due to the faint, persistent glow emanating from the Nullithic crystals that surround (and make up) the city. Various tributaries flow from the center of the dormant volcano, and out through tunnels in the volcano walls, causing the exterior of the volcano to be surrounded by a "moat" of sorts.
  • Torvdeu - A large town (around 45,000 residents) which serves as a mini-trading post. The northern-most side of the town borders the collapsed front wall of Sessiz Sehir. The tunnels through the mountain of debris have long since flooded; however, small watercraft can be chartered several times a day to transport travelers through the tunnels and into Sessiz Sehir. Home to a supplies store, pharmacy, motor repair shop, jeweler, barber, tanner, stonemason, post office, and a small temple.
  • Merkava - A small town,holding around 800 residents. Home to a supplies store, tavern, and repair shop.
  • Oasis Underguard - A town with around 15,000 residents. Home to a supplies store, jeweler, barber, beauty shop, tanner, and stonemason. Serves several farms.
  • Gatiem - A mining town with around 2,000 residents. The oldest mining settlement in Nearaive, it contains a blacksmith, a supplies store, a pharmacy, a barber, a prominent jeweler, and a lot of taverns.
  • Vas - Mining village. Home to a supplies store, a tavern, and another tavern.
  • Aieni - A city between Gatiem and Vesva that serves as a trading post to both. Home to a marketplace, a grocer, a barber, a beauty salon, a theater, a jeweler, an armory, and a doctor's office.
  • Vesva - A large town, surrounded by farms. Contains a small marketplace, an armory, and a tanner.
  • Saresh - A farming village. Contains a general store, a tanner, and a tavern.


An expansive desert region of grey metallic rock and sand. Many Dekn communities have grown up and continue to thrive here.


  • Laen - The Human-Dekn hold city of Galliptis, boasting around 4,050,000 residents. One of the few Dekn strongholds to have both Dekn and humans; a huge, technology-based city structured around cybernetic advances. Includes numerous U.M.E.E.C. facilities, including a base.
  • Trounmark - Small city. Includes a library, a marketplace, a doctor's office, and a post office.
  • Loosek - Small mining village. Home to a blacksmith and a general store.
  • Savesilegro - Large town of metal and rust, with a surplus of blacksmiths. Produces a lot of old-fashioned weaponry and armor, for those who cannot afford U.M.E.E.C. weaponry (or do not wish to support U.M.E.E.C.). Also includes a marketplace and a tavern.
  • Anget - City. Home to a library, a tanner, a hospital, a marketplace, and a theatre.
  • Pascor - Mining town. Contains a marketplace and tavern.
  • Qavad - Village. Home to a general store, a grocer, a bookstore, and a pub.
  • Samael’evri - A large town next to Vas. Surrounded by several farms, it is home to a marketplace, a stonemason, a tanner, and a doctor's office.
  • Enoby - Small city. Home to a marketplace, a doctor's office, a stonemason, a jeweler, and a tanner.


A frozen wasteland of black ice. Snow storms in this region are next to blinding, and in some places, frozen ethric fluid causes sinkholes into dark caves. Between Syrith and Vinlar, there exists an endlessly repeating waterfall where ice is constantly being made and melted; these are known as the Falls of Vinrith. Due to the harsh conditions of Syrith, there is no hold city and few settlements in the region. While no crops are grown in the region, some metals are mined in the southernmost areas.


  • Pickno - Village of roughly 320 residents. Includes a post office, a small indoor market, a doctor's office, and a tanner.
  • Scors - Mining village of around 200 residents. Includes a stonemason, a supplies store, and a pub.


A region of heat and fire located in the middle of Syrith. This region exists due to failed experiment, which attempted to create an alternate power source for the Dekn. The area now draws in all the heat energy from Syrith, causing it to be fiery wasteland. Travel is almost impossible without the proper equipment and protective gear, and there are no settlements or inhabitants, save for the Erucs and Gaspools (see Beastiary).


Government in the Elevrium is built up around a hierarchy. This hierarchy serves in a court under rule of the Emperor. The acting Dekn Emperor is Xerinos, first son of Jacques.

  • Dekn Barons/Baronesses - rule over smaller individual towns (and villages), like a Mayor.
  • Dekn Counts/Countesses - rule over the larger towns, and minor cities.
  • Dekn Lords/Ladies: rule over the cities and moderate the other rulers in the court.
  • Dekn Masters/Mistresses - Have place in the court but do not rule over land; rather, most have their own castles or towers.
  • Dekn Emperor/Empress - The Emperor rules over all regions and is the final word in decisions by the lower ranks. They serve until death or they or overthrown, in which case the duel winner, or the next available Master/Mistress, is crowned. Only Masters and Mistresses are allowed duels with the Emperor.

Flora and Fauna


  • Etlies Root - A potato-esque plant that yields edible bulbs and roots. It grows in temperate climates. The roots are thick and tentacle-like, and react violently to temperature changes; when the plant is uprooted (particularly before it reaches maturity), the roots will thrash wildly. (While the plant isn't sentient, many Dekn claim to have been "attacked".) The bulb of the plant can be eaten raw, baked, or mashed into a paste; when allowed to ferment, it becomes a mild hallucinogen. (Overdosing is improbable, due to the low toxicity, but not unheard of.) The roots are bitter, and are often boiled or chopped up for seasoning (though they can be eaten raw).
  • Merlis - A fast-growing grass that flourishes in the desert oasis. It is common throughout Galliptis. The only part of this plant that isn't edible in some form is the seed pod found at the tip. The flowers are spiny, and are commonly ground up and used as flavoring.
  • Blaso - A family of plants with an exceptionally spicy fruit. The seeds of these fruits are sometimes ground into powder and used as a coating on bladed weapons or as a stand-alone projectile.
  • Ratasah - A spicy, bean-like root vegetable that grows in shallow soil. The pods grow in clusters, and contain numerous seeds in their juicy centers.
  • Chili Peppers - Introduced in the Second Age, they now proliferate in the inhabitable regions of the Elevrium. They are used for seasoning (being dried and ground into powder, which is sometimes made into a paste) as well as eaten whole (either raw, cooked, or dried).


  • Caulbats - Large moth-like animals that fly around Vinlar. They aren't naturally vicious, but when angered they will explode violently and use their bones as shrapnel. From their corpse, a new Caultbat will rise, similar to a Phoenix.
  • Duubs - Fat, cow-like creatures that live in Galliptis. Their faces are uncannily similar to humans; the eyes, nose and mouth do not seem to be in their natural spots or in natural shapes. Often kept as cattle, they can be used for their hide (which is shorn), or their milk.
  • Sloamin - Creatures similar to hairless dogs, with flat faces and no snout. They are common in Galliptis, and hunted for their meat. They are carnivorous, cannibalistic, and highly aggressive. (However, they have, on occasion, been domesticated.)
  • Sivols - Worm-like creatures that snake their way around the Nearaive region. They mainly reside in the caves, where feed off of the fauna within the cave system. They are typically docile, but when angered or threatened will attack by spitting a very noxious poison at the attacker. Their poison is sometimes applied to blades.
  • Raíos - Small, aggressive rodents. They have small, scaled bodies, with long furry tails and fur-covered heads. While they are mainly regarded as pests, patient individuals have been known to tame them. They are found in all regions except Vinlar.
  • Erucs - Frog-like creatures made of a stone-like material. The bigger ones are more solid, while the smaller frogs are more gravel-like in makeup. They feed off of rocks as their biology only requires their stomachs to be full, rather than requiring nourishment. They make loud honking noises when threatened. They live mainly in Vinlar.
  • Gaspools - Round creatures that draw in super heated air, then expel a very toxic gas that can ignite. They resemble round rocks with holes, but are actually sentient and very soft (despite lacking any features besides the openings in their body). The reside solely in Vinlar.