The Cult of Coolificus Coolage, known to members as the "Coolest Cool" or "Cool Cool", is a human cult that operates out of the town of New Comshine.


The Cult of Coolificus Coolage was established in New Comshine in the mid 1960s by a local preacher, Christian Spirit. Spirit wanted to enlighten the populace to the inside teachings of Comshine Governor Leeroy Maskwell (better known to the Arkn as Coolificus Coolage or Co'olfic'colag, the Dekn Lord of Salvation). Maskwell's interactions with Spirit and his followers led to the first knowledge of the Arkn and Dekn in the open community, along with the first offerings to what became known as the Emissary of the Frog God. The group believed that their actions would lead to a "new age". Thile this indeed led to a .Reality shift, that shift became the current incarnation of the Handprints canon.

Over time, Christian Spirit became corrupted by the teachings of Maskwell, continuing long past the governor's murder, and turned his followers into the first branch of the cult.

Primary Branch: Children of the Caretaker

Flash forward to the early 1990s, where Christian Spirit has become leader of the Cult under the alias of "The Caretaker". Domestic sacrifices and offerings to the Dekn Lords have became his way of teaching. The first of these sacrifices was recorded under the New Comshine Police Department's Third Log as The Three Blind Mice killings.

This log, known as Case Echo, goes into gruesome detail about three mental patients being kidnapped by the Caretaker; blinded and neutered, they were forced to roam an empty house, while being hunted by the cult in a game of sport. This "game" did not last very long: intended as a sacrificial offering to summon Coolificus Coolage into .Reality, the ritual was an utter failure when all three individuals met their deaths at the hands of The Caretaker's son, Adam Spirit, who was also a member of the cult. As punishment, Adam was made prisoner, and made a player in the next sacrificial offering, a redux of the first.

It is generally assumed the offering went as planned, and Adam was sacrificed. However, NCPD logs detail Adam Spirit as a possible connection to The Hooks Killer, through the Caretaker's adopted son, Damien Spirit (who was also a chief investigator in the Case Two logs). It is suggested that Adam went on to murder the remaining members of the cult under the guise of The Hooks Killer. Kidnapping Evelyn Spirit, the pregnant daughter of the cult leader (and his own sister), Adam removed her child and eviscerated her. It was believed that Adam then consumed the infant, to shock the detectives.