The Choir is a caste of Arkn and Dekn of the highest rank, containing the Intoner (who is the one and only entity capable of communicating with the Hethe), and the Muses, who guide religious practices and gather the prayers of the faithful and sing them to the gods.



The Intoners are the only beings on either side capable of communicating with the Hethe, Using the power gifted to them, they may also do minor alterations and fixes to .Reality. It should be noted that there is only a single Intoner active at once for either the Arkn or Dekn.


The Muses differ from other Arkn by the natural ability they possess; it could be a inclination to magick, or a special gift. The former Arkn Intoner, Cele'ra'cria had the ability to see the the past, and future. Of the six Muses in either the Arkn or Dekn Choir at any time, only one will be the High Muse, which is the one chosen by the Hethe to become the Intoner. This Muse will have shown not only a special gift, but the ability to utilize it.

The power of an Intoner or Muse is brought out in its song, with each one having a different style and method. For example, Zophiel's was opera music. His power manifested as floating black feathers. 

Current Known Members


  • Zophiel - Arkn Intoner of Harmony, Walker of the Road and Keeper of Precepts. (Deceased)
  • Lahabrea - Arkn High Muse of Radiance, Song and Empathy. (MIA)
  • Zara'Eth - Arkn Muse of Reprise, Silence and The Final Sound.
  • Zekiel - Arkn Muse of Dissonance. (Missing, Assumed Dead)


  • Zagabacht - Dekn Intoner of Dissonance, Feller of Foes and Wielder of the Flaming Sword.
  • Current High Muse Deceased.

Former Known Members


  • Cele'ra'cria - Arkn Intoner of the Heavens, The Abyss and the Celestial Celebrant. (Deceased, Suicide)
  • Exozecht - Arkn Muse of History, Trials and Ruler of the Sands. (Disappeared after the death of Cele'ra'cria)
  • Gira'Sek'Terrania - Arkn Muse of the Flightless, Knower of the Knowledge Beyond the Mirror's Surface, and Transformation. (Disappeared after the death of Cele'ra'cria)


  • Vasyl - Dekn Muse of Thorns and Poisons (Deceased, murdered by Pestilence)
  • Allastar - Position unknown.