The Arkn Mythos

The Arkn Mythos is a Mythos centering around an eternal War between Arkn and Dekn, Humanity, and much more! A large majority of its stories are told through webseries and written works, While creating massive portions of added canon is done privately with the active admins of the universe wished for creation, the Arkn Mythos is seen as open source, and creating original stories in it is encouraged. Admins/Owners of the wiki and general "official" communities are Deathlylogic and Kekstein

Currently, the Mythos is split into three Universes with their own canons: Universe A, Universe E, and Universe X. There is also Universe F: a non-canon "universe" for free writing; here, absolutely anything goes, without the need to abide by canon. Works will remain constrained to their respective universes, unless the creator is otherwise given permission.

The Arkn Mythos is seen as a standalone storybook. Creations done combining Arkn content with any outside content can be done within the Arkn Mythos Extended Universe F (otherwise known as The Alterverse). Any work created under the Alterverse is non-canon, and not connected to the other two universes.

The Stories

The Arkn Mythos is divided into multiple sections, depending on where one wishes to create.

The content of Universe A (or The Arknverse) falls under two major categories. The first category, the Arknthology, is the myth arc of Universe A: the bigger, overarching story told by a collection of series that play directly off the Universe's lore. The second category, Chronologies are stories involving primarily standalone series, or works creating their own lore. The difference between the two is that the Arknthology plays on and advances the lore of the Mythos itself, while the Chronologies advance self-contained lore within the stories. Note: As of 2018, the ending of the Arknthology has been finalized. However, it is still possible to create within Universe A, provided you don't contradict the canon "ending" of the Universe.

The Universe X (or Arkn: Legacy) sequel/expansion has added two new categories: the X-Omnibus, and Legacy Chronologies. These work the same way as the Universe A categories, with X-Omnibus acting as a myth arc (of sorts) and Chronologies being stand-alone. Everything within Legacy, unless specified by the work's creators, is seen as self contained.

Non-canon, stand-alone works are contained within Universe F, the Alterverse or Extended Universe. There is no set canon and no ongoing storylines in this "Universe". Stand-alone works based on both the Arknverse and Legacy can be added under Universe F.

Universe A: The Arknverse

Founded by: Deathlylogic, Tony, Hunt

Additional creator credits to: David, Milo and Tristan


The Arknthology

The Arkn Mythos Chronology:

The Winterverse, The War Chronicles, The Reality Branch, The Goners Story, The Timeless Narrative, The Hybrid Anthology, The Mirrorverse Canon, The Kryzjac SeriesThe Silence Canon, The Root Quests

Universe E: Arkn: Eternal

Founded by: Deathlylogic, Tony, David

In this timeline split from Arkn Universe A, The Arknza won the war and have since passed on along with the Hethe, leaving the world open for new stories and new characters to rise up on their own adventures. This Universe utilizes all the same aspects from Universe A with the addition of being 100% open but not canonically connected to Universe A.

Universe X: Arkn: Legacy

Founded by: Deathlylogic, Pesterjest, Penthepoet, Candlewalkerstudios

Universe X: Arkn: Legacy

The Origin

Webseries, Written Works

Creation Tools

Universe F: The Alterverse

Disclaimer: Work within this Universe is non-canon, and cannot carry over to any other universe unless approved by one of the Admins. This is in place to let people do what they want with the content they are using.


Arkn Mythos Extended Universe