The Arkn Mythos is an original, web-based fantasy mythos. It centers around a universe consisting of super-powered beings known as the Arkn and the Dekn, Humanity, a pantheon of malevolent gods, and much more!

The Arkn Mythos currently has three open source creative communities, and creating content within them highly encouraged! A large majority of the stories are told through webseries and written works. However, other mediums are also welcome! If you would like to create content for The Arkn Mythos, please contact the community Administrators.

The current Admin of the general community is Penthepoet.

The current Wiki Admin is NightChase.

There are four major sections (or canons) in The Arkn Mythos, depending on where (and what) one wishes to create: The Arknverse, Arkn: Eternal, Arkn: Legacy, and The Arkn Mythos Extended Universe.

The Arknverse

Founded by: DeathlyLogic, Type0Negative, and Hunt

Additional creators: FeralWasteland, Candlewalker, and ThePremierArbiter

The Arknverse is the original Arkn Mythos canon, taking place in Universe A. Content in The Arknverse falls under two major categories. The first category is the Arknthology; this is the "myth arc", focusing on the bigger, overarching story that plays out across various series and plays directly off the Universe's lore. The second category is the Chronologies; these are stories involving primarily standalone series, or works creating their own lore within the canon. (Note: As of 2018, the ending of the Arknthology has been finalized, and is effectively closed source.)


Arkn Mythos Chronologies

Arkn: Eternal

Founded by: Deathlylogic

Arkn: Eternal is a canon spinoff universe set in Universe E. This new universe was created during the third Act of the Arknthology in which Azrael causes a universal paradox resulting in a timeline where the Arkn and Dekn were never at war. This canon is closed source and currently in production

The Seven Circles

Arkn: Legacy

Founded by: DeathlyLogic, Pesterjest, Penthepoet, Candlewalker

Arkn: Legacy is the sequel/spin-off of Universe A, set in Universe X: the universe created at the conclusion of The Arknthology. Everything within Legacy, unless specified by the work's creators, is seen as self-contained and unconnected to other universes and canons.

Written Works


Creation Tools

The Arkn Mythos Expanded Universe

Sometimes referred to as the Alterverse, this is in place to let people do whatever they want. There is no set canon, and no ongoing storylines in this "Universe". (However, it is referred to as taking place in "Universe F".) Stand-alone works based on the Arknverse, Legacy, and Eternal can all be added under this category. Disclaimer: Works within the Expanded Universe are non-canon, and cannot carry over to any of the canons (unless approved by one of the Admins.

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