Samael Crow
Crow as he appears in Puppet Strings.
Vital statistics
Name Samael; The Arkn Lord of Death; Persophelus Crow; The Dekn Lord of Mind, Madness, and Possession; Crow; Sam
Race Arkn (Formerly)


Alignment Persophelums
Status Alive
Appearances Michael's Camera
Realm .Reality
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Persophelus Redgrave - Partner

Persophelus Vine - Partner

Clubs - Partner

Michael Knight - Guarded human/Vessel

With all this information, you'd think by now, you'd realize "It's all destiny! It's all cosmic!" We're leading you, to where we want you to be. You're a warrior for us, Michael, for the Persopheliams. Not The Arkn, and certainly not The Dekn. You aren't neutral, and you aren't without side. You're with us.. The one true good side.
— Samael to Michael Knight

Samael Crow (also known as Persophelus Crow) was originally a powerful Arkn Lord representing Death. However, he defected from the Arkn, and became a powerful Dekn Lord corresponding with .Reality, as well as Mind, Madness, and Possession.



Initially the Arkn Lord of Death, Samael betrayed the Arkn Lords and fled to join the Persophelums, the creators of .Reality. It's unknown what led him to this decision, but as a Persophelum, he donned the title "Persophelus Crow" as a reference to his former Arkn name (as the crow is the "bird of death").

Michael's Camera

With Ellpagg's absence, Crow attaches himself to Michael Knight as his new guardian, and appears at first as a soft-spoken individual. When Michael tries to interact with his new guardian, Crow decides to use Michael's body for as long as possible in order to hunt for Arkn (as well as attempt to become the first Dekn equivalent of an ArknAngel). Due to Michael's reluctance to this decision, Crow tries activating a relic, but Ellpagg returns and intervenes by sending Michael on a relapse. Presumably, Crow is detatched as his guardian, and fails at becoming the Dekn form of an ArkAngel. His plan wouldn't have worked regardless, as it is later revealed Michael was never an Arkangel to begin with (but was believed to be so, due to manipulations by The Carver).

Azrael later takes Michael's place, staying in .Reality with the intention of hunting the Persophelums. Crow refuses to stand by and watch the Persophelums be wiped out (as Vine has already been imprisoned by Elias in the Cube of Souls). Crow catches Azrael off guard, appearing behind him and stabbing him in the back. His actions result in Azrael being sent to the Infernous (though he is released later).


Crow initially appears as shy and soft-spoken, wearing thick eyeglasses and speaking in a stuttering voice. However, shortly after revealing himself to be the Dekn of Mind, Madness and Possession, he reveals a malicious side to his personality, making Michael a slave to his will (in a manner ironically similar to what the Arkn did to Humanity) and threatening him with torture. He also shows that he is highly egotistical, stating his firm belief that the Persophelums are the "one true good side" in the War and that Humanity should be bowing before them.


You know, Michael, I know you can't hear me right now, so I'm just talkin to your audience, I was once an Arkn Lord, you know that? I was the Arkn Lord of Death, actually. My name is Samael, but things and stuff happened, and now I just kinda go by the bird of death's name, Crow.
— Crow to Michael.