What I also find interesting is that this isn’t just one separate reality, I don’t believe this place even exists. This place is more of a crack between two solid pieces. Nothing really occurs here or belongs here. I believe this place was never supposed to become what it is.
— Gareth Henson.

Rifts were areas that took place between realities/timelines. They were considered gaps. where an organism could wind up stuck within.


Between any two timelines, there existed a gap. For example, between Timeline A and B, there was nothing but unknown space; this was a rift in realities.

Once inside, it appeared as an environment basing its appearance off of the new inhabitant. This could be based off of the inhabitant's memories, and possibly their emotions. If one tried to leave, they would be face to face with empty space, and could see what can be described as "specks of darkness" (which might in fact have been different timelines being viewed from the outside). Not many lived to describe this outdoor setting, for if an inhabitant of the rift remained outside their environment too long, they were never heard from again.


According to Gareth Henson, past, present, and future all occurred at once within the rift, and the place could be described as a paradox itself. While there may have been numerous inhabitants, they were unable to see each other due to the environment responding to one's own subconscious. Whether or not the environmental changes were permanent or will consistently change was not confirmed.

Known Inhabitants

  • Gareth Henson

Anomalies in The Rift

Sighted by inhabitants that entered the rift:

  • Strange black wriggling creatures (which appeared briefly for short amounts of time)
  • Shadowy humanoid figures that seemed to be waiting for something.