For the longest time in my life, I had thought my purpose was to bring death. But I have been wrong. With these newfound powers that are unlike any other, these powers over life and death I know my true purpose now. My purpose is to bring life. To strengthen the dead and the wounded. But what good is that? What gives me the right to play God? If there are already Gods out there, if they knew every aspect of my being, why give me the right to play their game in life and death?
— Raphael Tobit Kestler.

Raphael Tobit Kestler is the Arkn of Healing, and the secondary protagonist of MedBoy789. He was one of the greatest Arkn warriors, with a bloodthirsty prowess on the battlefield that earned him the nickname "The Crusader". However, he later realized he could no longer support the Arkn cause and defected, undergoing the Bastard's Decay.

Raphael devoted himself henceforth to healing and preserving life. He sought out his human counterpart, Tobit Kestler, and they converged, becoming the Second ArkAngel and Paradox Player (described in the prophecy as one "born to wars and beings"). In time, he became the mentor to Tobias Kestler, helping him to awaken his prophetic abilities.

Raphael was severely wounded during the Battle of the Arknza, and his body vanished. It is unknown whether he is still alive.



Raphael was the first Arkn procreated from the Third Arkn, Abaddon. From his earliest days, he was surrounded by the shouts and bloodshed of battle and the scent of smoke and rot. Abaddon was a strict father, and was not often around to look after Raphael. Raph was often left alone in the company of Gilgamesh, Raziel, and Gynesis (who terrified and "haunted" Raphael). Eventually, Abaddon realized that Raphael was lonely. In order to make up for this, he had another child, Asmodeus, so that Raphael would not be alone most of the time.

When the two brothers were young, they loved to sneak off and go exploring. On one occasion, they discovered a beach with a lighthouse at the edge of the forest, where they spent all day playing. When they returned home after sunset, Abaddon demanded to know where they had been; Asmodeus took the blame, and was backhanded so hard that he was knocked to the ground. Abaddon informed Asmodeus that his sole purpose was to keep his brother out of trouble, and that he was worthless if he failed at that task.

Raphael began training in the ways of combat at a young age, as soon as he was big enough to pick up a sword. Abaddon used terribly harsh weapons and tactics, and refused to go easy on his son in spite of his age. As a young man, Raphael recognized that he had a natural aptitude for magick; however, Abaddon refused it, forcing him to begin training as a knight.

Raphael eventually participated in the Arkn/Dekn wars. He had King Uriel as his commanding officer, befriended Raziel, and became a teacher to Ellpagg. He earned the title The Crusader, and reigned as a champion on the battlefields, eventually finding a love for battle. In time, Abaddon crafted for Raphael a suit of black armor with an emerald green chest plate, forged entirely from the souls of slain Dekn. This gave Raphael a terrifying countenance on the battlefield, and surrounded him with the aura of death.

Raphael was a loyal knight for many years. However, deep down, he yearned for something more. He secretly tattooed himself with the symbol of Unie'ndis and started meeting with Raziel for training and guidance in the ways of healing and life. It quickly became evident that Raphael possessed powerful magicks, including a previously unseen ability to manipulate lifeforce energy. When Raziel was banished, he left his Book of Magick -- containing all of his knowledge of magick strings and the first reality -- with Raphael for safe keeping.

After the incident with The Watchers, Raphael had to help hunt down and punish offenders, including his own brother Asmodeus and his friend Azazel. After this, Ellpagg's betrayal and damnation in The Infernous, and Uriel's betrayal and defection, Raphael realized that he could no longer support the Arkn cause. Motivated by Uriel's bravery and his newfound abilities, he announced his defection. The announcement brought a great deal of rage from the Arkn Lords; as the Bastard's Decay commenced, Raphael's wings were brutally torn from his back. (It's unknown whether his genitals met the same fate.)

Upon disappearing from The Golden City, Raphael entered .Reality. He possessed Alex Winter in an attempt to find Uriel, only to learn he had yet to meet him. Raphael provided him information on Dr. Ellis, and departed to presumably find his guarded human, Tobit Kestler.

Tobit Kestler (MedBoy789 - The Logs of Tobit)

Tobit Kestler (AKA Diamonds) is a only child with wealthy parents, finding his place in life. His father, who was a doctor, asked him to make logs of his dreams before his departure, and shortly after his mother left as well, he began making them. He describes dreams that seem to be significant memories to Raphael, such as one from Raphael's childhood, involving him playing on a beach with his younger brother, Asmodeus. As the dreams get more severe, Tobit begins seeing odd things, such as a dog he does not own and a beaked figure in his hallway. He also finds that his eyesight (which had previously required him to wear glasses) has somehow been corrected (presumably as a side effect of Raphael possessing him).

Eventually, the apocalypse begins in Tobit's timeline. He is outside his house at the moment it begins, and finds himself teleported to a field miles from his home. After a day of travelling with a group of other people (none of whom survived), Tobit makes it back to his house, now with a shorter haircut and in possession of a green jacket. In time, Raphael appears and explains that Tobit's parents had abandoned the timeline because they knew the apocalypse was coming; he promises to rescue Tobit, and the two of them escaped from his house.

Sometime later, Raphael and Tobit converge, becoming a single being known as Raphael Tobit Kestler (in whom the human and Arkn thoughts and personalities co-exist).

Michael's Camera

While Michael Knight is undergoing a .relapse (in (2) Has been upset), Raphael appears, reading what seems to be a book on a round table (presumably Raziel's book of magick). Upon seeing Michael, Raphael informs him he is trying to catch up on his magic, and asks if he can assist him. Michael responds that he is having a relapse and needs assistance. Rather than helping him, Raphael sends him away, leaving him to his relapse.


Season 1

In MedBoy789, Raphel is foreshadowed ever since the video All Apologies. In this video, Tobias spaces out for nearly five minutes; this is a recurring thing that keeps happening to Tobias, causing his eyes to turn green. In Dreams Beyond Reality, Raphael makes his appearance, introducing himself as "The Crusader" after saving Tobias from having his dreams harvested by a Lurker. He is seen wielding a staff, as he did in Life's a glitch. He claims that he was the one who saved Tobias from the entity in encounter, and that he's been saving him for a long time. He informs Tobias that he must be bait in order to kill the Lurker attacking him. When Tobias wakes up, Bobo leads him to the Lurker, which begins to drain his energy. However, Raphael takes over and implicatively kills the Lurker. Raphael tells Toby "You're welcome" before departing the following day.

The Crusader reappears to Toby, explaining what he is and why he is here. However, he decides to conceal his name. He makes Toby drink absinthe to calm him down, before saying that he had been out of the field for some time due to his disagreements with the other Arkn. He also explains that Toby's dog is a host for "The Guilted One", and if he is hostile toward Toby, he will "seal the deal." Raphael explains to Toby what a Lurker is, and tells him that he is being followed by a group of rogue Skethe. While he is explaining this, one enters the house. Following this, The Crusader uses his staff to teleport Toby to his room before departing.

While Toby is passed out drunk, Raphael and Malek seem to have a conversation about settling an agreement; however, Malek claims he has one condition on behalf of it. The Crusader returns and says that he has learned what the rogue Skethe want, and he is going to have to kill them all. He hunts down the shadow Skethe that had stolen Toby's cell phone. However, after encountering it, it attaches itself to Toby. The Crusader is forced to expel the Skethe, at the risk of killing Toby; fortunately, the results are successful. The Crusader informs Toby that he is going to exterminate the rest of the Skethe. Toby is horrified at hearing this; he asks if there is another way, but The Crusader doesn't respond.

A couple days pass, and Toby is panicking because of all the Skethe The Crusader had slain. The Crusader then commands Toby to get into the pool in order to kill the final aqua Skethe, to which Toby declines. The Crusader then hits Toby and reveals his own name to be Raphael, and he informs Toby that everything may go back to normal if he complies.

Season 2

After Raphael kills the Aqua Skethe (now reverted to a fish due to its demise), he orders Tobias to burn it. Upon doing this, a storm occurs and Tobias meets Asmodeus. Following Tobias and Asmodeus's conversation, Tobias demands to know Raphael's history. Raphael explains that the Arkn were going to wipe out humanity, a race that he had been healing; following this, he had lost his fellow Arkn over time until he was the only remaining ArknAngel that hadn't been concealed into a human form. Tobias mocks the fact that he's called the healer, to which Raphael responds by stabbing Tobias's hand and then proceeding to heal it. After Raphael departs, Tobias calls him a hypocrite.

After some time passes, Raphael returns and explains to Tobias that its only natural for him to have to fight and/or kill someone in time (mentioning his time fighting alongside Uriel and The Knight as examples). Raphael warns Tobias for future reference to find the need to do this soon; he takes extreme actions to try and make Tobias somewhat battle-ready, and eventually reveals to him that Tobias is to become a representative for Neutrality. However, Asmodeus begins threatening Tobias and granting him nightmares, in order to try to force him to become a representative for the Dekn.

Prior to Raphael facing Asmodeus, he meets Elius, who claims to be the son of Asmodeus and has the intent of wiping out the Arkn and Dekn. After Elius goes off to battle the Skethe, Raphael goes to Asmodeus and informs him of this occurrence (to which Asmodeus seems to be as surprised as he was that Elius had appeared). The two get into a heated argument about their past, and in the midst of it, Tobias goes missing. Asmodeus leaves, and Raphael is left with concerns.

With Tobias missing, Raphael confesses to the viewers that he had been manipulating Tobias to turn him into a prophet, and that he is merged with another incarnation of him named Tobit Kestler, such that they are the same person. Raphael claims he's going to document the channel, because this is what Tobias would do, and proceeds to tear into another .reality to investigate a suspect of Tobias' disappearance. He begins talking to a closet in the reality he leaps to; the closet is revealed to be holding the First Arkn Gynesis, who is now possessing an alternate version of Tobias named Cain (as seen in MedBoy456). Gynesis attacks Raphael and the two fight, with Raphael ultimately kicking Gynesis out of Cain's vessel and banishing him to another timeline.

Season 3



The Battle of the Arknza (Universe A)

After the death of Elias, Raphael goes on a long journey. Alone, he travels the realms, in an effort to find himself and find inner peace.

When the End Times arrive many eons later, Raphael joins the Arknza on the field of battle. The are faced with The Carver and his massive army.

Victory Against the Carver (Universe E)



When it comes to my past as an Arkn, the first visage that comes to mind is the battlefield, blood flying through the air, the occasional Dekn warrior beheaded before me. That was the life I wound up having. Believe it or not, it’s not the life I would have wanted for myself.
— Raphael, Rise of the Crusader: Chapter 1.
I learned my purpose on the battlefield. Seeing to it that my enemies would find their blood on my weapon. Seeing to it that they would beg and bleed until they would stop moving eventually. That was my purpose. To conquer, to see through to the end of my crusade.
— Raphael to Tobias Kestler
It's time I come clean and be completely honest with you guys. My Arkn name is Raphael, and yes, I was The Crusader, but I underwent some sort of metamorphosis a while back, and my human name is Tobit Kestler.
— Raphael/Tobit to The Viewers.
I have two sides of me I'm always going to have: Crusader, and The Healer. And I am never going to know which is stronger.
— Raphael/Tobit to The Viewers.