Persophelus Vine
Vine as he appears in the "Riley Sturza" video, My Confession.
Vital statistics
Name Persophelus Vine; Dekn Lord of Time, Cards, and Souls;

Riley Sturza

Species Unknown
Alignment Persophelums
Status MIA
Appearances MyDarkestSecret; MedBoy789; Riley Sturza
Realm The Infernous

Hybrid Grounds

Other information
Relationships Weapons
Orobas - Son (Deceased)

Batibat - Son

The Carver - Partner

Persophelus Redgrave - Partner

Samael Crow - Partner

Clubs - Partner

Cube of Souls
I can hear everything you're saying. How? Well, I'm the Dekn Lord of Time, of course. Time, cards, and souls, so I am able to hear everything you are saying as you are saying it. Mouthwash. Feedle-deedle.
— Vine to Tobias Kestler.

Persophelus Vine is the Dekn Lord of Time, Cards, and Souls. He is a character in MyDarkestSecret, and is a minor character in MedBoy789.



Vine was a Dekn lord that seconded the idea to push forward for .Reality, along with the other Persophelum. He had two children, Prince Orobas and Batibat, whom he taught his powers upon.


When Tobias Kestler is trapped in the Infernous, Vine shows up via video interface through Tobias' technologically enhanced phone and makes his formal introduction. He states that he is somewhat of a tour guide to the Infernous and tells Tobias that it was made by The Carver, who is now trapped in it. He also explains that his vessel, Riley, is a .Reality clone of him, and that if he has any questions about that, he can take it up with Persophelus Redgrave. Vine uses Riley's deck of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to tell Tobias what is in store for him within the Infernous. He laughingly states that Tobias is to be faced with Peacocks, a javelin, and being buried alive before making his departure.


Vine and Orobas would watch over the Hybrid Grounds and assist The Nephilim. However, this ultimately let to his son's demise at the hands of Beezlebub. Whether or not he was aware of this affair is unknown, but its likely he was not aware. Riley Sturza was the channel Vine had created in order to keep up a role in order to help keep Elliott under control. His last video on the channel was his confession, revealing that he had wanted to keep him and the other Nephilim safe.

While Elliot is filming his sleep log at Riley's house, Riley gets up and shows a card to the camera at one point. Elliot later states in one of his videos that Riley has been acting weird. Upon revealing his true self in an attempt to stop Elliott from going after the Arkn or Dekn, Elliott reveals that he had killed all the other Nephilim as a child and absorbed their powers. Vine informs Elliott in a fit of rage that he and Asmodeus worked very hard in an attempt to keep them all safe, in order to reunite the children with their parents. Vine attempts to stop Elliott from entering .Reality, but instead, Elliott absorbs his powers over Time, and traps him inside of his own prison, a small cube. Elliott leaves the cube in the Hybrid Grounds before making his departure.


  • Chronokinesis - Over time, Vine mastered the ability to manipulate time and travel to any point within it, earning himself the title Lord of Time. This is a very useful and powerful trait, and came into great assistance for the craftsmanship of .Reality.
  • Omniscience - Being a Persophelum with the ability to control time, Vine knows almost everything there is to know. However, due to certain timelines, he has difficulty accurately predicting the future. He uses his cards to determine the most likely outcome for future events.
  • Keeper of Souls - Vine is able to contain multiple souls within a small box, known as the Cube of Souls. This box can change both shape and form in order to camouflage with its environment, for example, a Rubiks Cube. Its unknown whether the victims are alive or not, or whether they are being tortured or what they experience within the box, but it is known that Vine can take the form of whatever soul he acquires.