Marchosias Aversen (born Levitas Aversen) is a Dekn Master who appears in Staff of the Scholar. He is the Dekn Master of Beguilement and Debauchery.



He was born Levitas Aversen, the son of Moloch Aversen and the famed madam The Lady of the Roses. He was the half-brother of Barbatos and Ver'saava Aversen.

He was tutored extensively by his father, groomed to be a cultured heir from the moment he was born. He grew to heavily respect his half-brother Barbatos while growing up, seeking to imitate his wittiness and prowess. In turn, he also heavily resented Ver'saava (and privately wished him dead).

When he was of age, he was sent to the college of Cailedagh'salle, where he grew a subtle fascination with his classmate Andras As'phyxiar. The two both studied to become Dekn Lords, ascending to power around the same time.

They also both were given Dekn Master titles around the same time; though it should be noted that Marchosias earned his title through large amounts of duplicity and bribery as well as due to his strangle-hold on the brothels of Taveril'domaine.

During the Battle of Shallus Cross, he witnessed the death of Barbatos on the battlefield. Firmly believing that Belial Casimir was responsible for the death of his beloved brother, he had Belial framed for an attempted assassination of the Dekn Emperor Veritas Taveril II; as a result, Belial was exiled to Destrus, where he formed the Scarred Marauders.

Staff of the Scholar

In Staff of the Scholar, Franz Faust kidnaps Marchosias to fulfill a deal made with Andras As'phyxiar.

Personality and Appearance

Marchosias is a cunning and manipulative man. His talent is at convincing others to do as he wishes via his words. He is shown to be a flatterer and charmer, but also a cold-hearted manipulator and someone who is very willing to hurt others if it means he gets what he wants.

He is also very teasing and sadistic at points; even to allies of his.

"What he wants" can be several different things that go towards plans he's formulated. Sometimes he formulates his plans out of a twisted sense of justice, and sometimes he formulates plans to achieve pleasures for himself. He's a man with very few attachments that is constantly out for himself and his own personal gain.

Marchosias is a tall, elegant man with a very well-groomed appearance and horns that curl up slightly. It's noted that his appearance and voice seem to be pleasing to almost everyone he comes across save a scant few.