I noticed people are wondering what exactly I am. What I'm here for, what my purpose is. I mean, don't we all wonder that? You know, question our own philosophies and purposes? As far as me, personally, I have just one answer for you guys. You really wanna know who I am? What I am? My name is Malek, and I'm your fucking guardian Angel, bitches!
— Malek to the viewers.

Malek is the eighth of the eight Old World Hethe, who saw the good in their creations. After the destruction of his finest creation, The Nexellium, he left and fragmented as into seven shards throughout existence.



In the beginning, there were seven Hethe. These Hethe began crafting what is known as "Existence". Before Garsha (the Hethe known as The Mother) could destroy the doorway from whence the Hethe came, Malek, the eighth and final Hethe, emerged, to the surprise of all. Deebo taught Malek the power of creation, allowing it to create alongside its brethren. Malek quickly found delight in creating small things. Deebo was pleased, but Garsha was not: Malek was different from the others in that it possessed morality; this Hethe would send messages of love and kindness down to the Dekn, and respond by encouraging the Arkn to do their best.


Eventually, Garsha and the other Hethe learned to accept Malek as one of them. However, one Hethe, Leg'leg (the "bastard" of the group), did not, and found delight in destroying Malek's smaller creations (becoming the first Hethe to demonstrate any evil traits). Distraught, Malek tried informing the other Hethe of what has happened. However, they concluded that Leg'leg had as much right to create and destroy as the others. (Nevertheless, Leg'leg was made to put any further decisions up to the entire group from then on, and was forbidden from creating a Deedrn.)

To assist Malek in creation, De'ebo made an orb for it to create on. Malek's first, experimental creations became ferocious beasts (known to humanity as the dinosaurs). The Hethe were pleased with these creations as the beings began to violently attack and eat one another. Malek, however, was unhappy to see this, and had them destroyed. In order to make up for his failed experiment, Malek created something to take the place of the beasts: it began to form Arkn of its very own; in an effort to make them more docile, it stripped these beings (called Humans) of their magick powers and their wings. Malek was pleased, and placed humanity on the orb.

Much to Malek's horror, the Arkn quickly discovered the humans and began enslaving them by attaching themselves to them as "Guardians". In an attempt to stop this, Malek tried to create a technological system – a duplicate of humanity's original home – around the humans in order to preserve them. When the Nexellium was completed, Malek played around in it for some time. Some legends speak of Malek accidentally crashing into the system, where it was found and nursed back to health by a Dekn known as Harbinger; however, it's unknown whether this is true.

The Shards

After observing Malek toying around for some time, Leg'leg grew bored. It sabotaged the system and destroyed humanity, save for the memories of their existence. In that moment, something changed within Malek; something snapped, creating a feeling known as "Rage". Before then, the Arkn and Dekn had fought because that was what they had been created to do; after this, however, they were fueled by Rage. This was the birth of the emotion known as Wrath, and it was followed by six more: Lust, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, and Pride. Overcome with Wrath, Malek took its fight to Leg'leg personality; the two fought, with Malek nearly destroying Leg'leg. As punishment, Deebo decided to strip Leg'leg of its creative power, and to imprison Malek. Malek, however, had realized how corrupted and evil its brethren were; it seized the metaphysical scrolls (into which all eight Hethe had emptied their raw creative power) and fled Xua.

Malek entered Existence, fragmenting into seven shards (and falling from its position as a Hethe). Each of Malek's shard had its own story and personality, representing the seven traits that had awakened within it. These traits had passed on to every living thing, leading to what is known as the Seven Deadly Sins. One shard went to the Dekn and gave them the idea to save humanity from the Arkn: to create a system similar to the Nexellium, and perfect it. A guild of four Dekn took up the task; they created the new system, and managed to transfer the lost souls of humanity into it, protecting them from being enslaved and destroyed by the Arkn.

Another shard was approached by the Dekn Hash'bor'kanibal. Hash'bor knew of the evil of the Hethe, and had conceived a plan to outsmart them and create a new universe, free of their malign influence; his partner, Redrave, had suggested that Malek could help him in this endeavor, much as he had helped the Persoplelums. As Malek was no longer a Hethe, it was unable to wield the scrolls itself; however, it promised to archive the scrolls until it could find a suitable vessel in which to hide them. Malek eventually found a solution in his good friend, the Arkn King Uriel; Uriel (who had recently defected himself), agreed to sacrifice his life in the .Reality engines, creating a young human male named Alex Winter: Uriel's human incarnation, and the living vessel for the Hethian Scrolls of Creation.

A Cry From Winter

After receiving numerous messages and notes, Uriel (now a prisoner of The Infernous, and believing himself to be Alex Winter) became the vessel for Malek. Throughout the course of "Alex's" Infernous punishment, Malek shows hostile intentions and numerous ambiguous messages, ranging from threatening James (upon meeting him to shooting Karl. However, these are simply attempts to wake up Uriel and get him to leave The Infernous, as he is later seen talking with Uriel and convincing him to leave. Uriel and Malek are revealed to have a history, as Uriel was the one to show Malek that the Arkn were a self-righteous species. Malek attempts to convince Uriel to move on and leave The Infernous, but Uriel refuses to leave his self-torment. After learning what Malek truly is, Uriel seemingly departs from The Infernous.

Malek leaves Alex with a list of patients and a note to see Dr. Ellis. He remains inactive for some time, until he is shown attacking James from within his car. Some time later, however, it is revealed that "Alex" is still really Uriel, and that he never left the Infernous; all of the videos posted to his channel had been a fictitious work to trick the Cloud9 audience into thinking he was unaware of his current situation, when in reality, he had been aware of his surroundings the entire time (having made a deal with The Carver to gain control over The Infernous before his death).


After Tobit Kestler's timeline was destroyed, and he and Raphael had converged, Raphael and Malek at some point concocted a plan to assist Tobias Kestler. Malek appears to Tobias in the vessel of his dog, Bobo; while Raphael and Media had been using scare tactics against Tobias, Malek does various things to assist him (such as disappearing from Tobias' room and causing him to search for his dog, and helping him locate the Lurker within his home).

After a while, Malek stops taking to form of Bobo and talks with Raphael whilst possessing Tobias. He informs him that it would be best if he stopped mentoring Tobias. Raphael is doubtful of the existence of the Hethe; during their conversation, it is revealed that Raphael fears Malek (as his existence confirms the existence of the Hethe). Malek departs, leaving Raphael to have to inform Tobias of certain information.

The Mayhem Theory

Gabriel Holden is possessed by Malek whilst making an update video. He informs him of the history of existence, beginning with the Hethe creating everything, and ending where they are today. Malek leaves Gabriel afterwards.


Alex's personal bodyguard, Allastar, summons Malek into Alex's body so that he can give them the information they need to help prepare for Alex's upcoming convergence with Uriel.


The Battle of the Arknza (Universe A)

As the end times began, the nations of the Earth took sides, joining in the war between the Arkn and the Dekn. While Tobias became a powerful leader for the Neutral and ruled over the land of Arkassia, it is hinted that Malek returns to living inside of Tobias's dog, Bobo (as Bobo is said to be the longest living dog in human history, and that members of the Neutrality movement are known to converse with the animal, as if he were some sort of higher authority). 

At some point, Malek presumably leaves Bobo and reunites his scattered fragments (though it is unknown how he accomplishes this). Following Ellpagg's death in the Battle of the Arknza, Malek shows up alongside Cedric and Theatre Mask to help fight The Carver. During this fight, Malek connects with Carver's consciousness; Carver explains his plan to Malek, and Malek drops his weapon and allows himself to be stabbed in the chest and seemingly killed. In reality, however, he is absorbed into the Carver's sword, which is an Arkn Trap. At the battle's climax, Carver (now a Hethe) channels his new power into the Hethian Scrolls, causing him to be consumed as .Mainframe is powered and unleashed. Malek emerges from the Arkn Trap and merges with the .Mainframe core (and the Scrolls), unleashing his raw Hethian power of creation, which explodes into a new universe being created outside of their own. 

It is unknown whether this final act resulted in Malek's death, and his current status and whereabouts are unknown. There are rumors that he is still alive in Universe X, living in solitude as a hermit.

Victory Against The Carver (Universe E)

In the new universe, Malek joins the seven united ArknAngels on the battlefield as they face The Carver. He aids them in battle, assisting them in defeating Carver and destroying him once and for all.

In the wake of the battle, Deebo and the rest of the Hethe depart from the universe. Malek stays behind, helping the Arkn to rebuild. It is unknown what becomes of Malek after this, as the End Times do not occur in this universe.


Uriel, you defected from a group of people who are just a bunch of assholes and bureaucrats that were just so consciously and consciously focused on their own self-righteous glorification of destroying a species that's not even their own, and they don't even stop to think of the time and effort and the benefits of bettering their own species! You, along with a couple others... But you took the sword to the head on that one.
— Malek to Uriel.
In the beginning of everything, there was nothing. Then there was something called a "Hethe". You guys know them as like Gods, but they're not. Then more Hethe started popping up, in total, there was eight, but one of them was unexpected. The Hethe decided to create things, they had the power to create everything that there is.
— Malek to Gabriel Holden.
Do you still believe me when I say what I am? Are you afraid? You should be.
— Malek to Raphael.