An illustrated concept of "Strings"

Magick (also spelled Magic) is a form of energy that is found throughout all of existence in Universe A. It created by one of the four original Arkn, Raziel, through the blood of all of the original four.


Magick was created at the height of the first War, by spilling the blood of the original four Arkn created by the Hethe: Gynesis, Gilgamesh, Abaddon, and Raziel. Under Raziel's guidance, the blood of the four was collected in a cup (now known as The Chalice of Life), and poured into the original Tree of Existence. The mixed energy of both the pure Arkn blood (which contained the power of the Hethe) and the Tree created an infinite, unbiased energy source that spread throughout all of reality known as Mag'ick.

Raziel began to master this new energy, beginning with the elementals (the basis of all life in existence) and working up to a more aggressive form of Magick known as kha’os. Raziel used this new Magick to create two new realms for the Arkn and Dekn to live in: the Golden Cities and the Infinitium, respectively. This allowed the races to live apart, and brought about a new era of peace. The city of Paradisium became a haven for Magick users (or Magi). In the uppermost tier of the city, Raziel established the Magi College, where young Arkn were taught to master the various schools of Magick. The Magi were counted among the upper echelons of the city; Raziel was named the Arknmagus, or chief Arkn Magi.

Sadly, this was not to last. In his paranoia and lust for power, the First King of the Arkn, Gilgamesh, had Raziel arrested on the grounds of breaking his vow of celibacy before the Hethe. Raziel's family was executed, and he was banished from The Golden Cities in disgrace. His book of Magick, containing all of his accumulated knowledge on the field, was confiscated and given to his friend, Raphael, for safekeeping.

In the wake of Raziel's banishment, an Inquisition arose. The Council claimed that in experimenting with Psionic Magick, the Magi had given themselves over to the perverse power of the Dekn; that a group of Magi were tattooing sigils and spells on their faces in order to channel the Magic into their minds, and that these practices had warped them into crazed monsters. The Magi were rounded up, arrested for heresy, and exiled or put to death. The Council tried to ensure that all traces of Magick were removed from the Paradisium; the College was shut down, the Choir took its place, and history re-written to make it seem as though the Magi had never existed. While natural Magick users were still born, these abilities were treated as a "gift from the Hethe", and their nature was not explained or taught.

Inner Workings

Mag'ick manifests itself through a concept known as Strings. Throughout all of existence, strings manifest themselves between all living things in the form of invisible pure energy. Magicians (or Magi) harness this energy through the use of Sigils, Symbols, and Individual Will.

Unlike the Arkn, The Dekn do not use Magick.

There are many forms of Magick which an individual can practice.

  • Alchemical
  • Bardic/Sound
  • Blood
  • Chaos
  • Divinity (Only known by Raziel and those he personally taught.)
  • Dream
  • Elemental
  • Hand (Applies to all forms of Magic)
  • Healing
  • Illusion/Perception
  • Inscriptive
  • Light (Extremely rare.)
  • Mirror
  • Nature
  • Psionic
  • Shadow
  • Temporal/Time (Used only by Azrael)

    "The Uniendis"

However, in all forms of Magick there is a constant symbol known as the Unie'ndis. This symbol is the "pentacle" of Magick and promotes the unification of all elements, emotions, and the soul of the caster to efficiently produce and conjure Magick. Without this symbol, Ma'gick can be known to be unpredictable and dangerous to use. This symbol is often carved, burned, or tattooed into the individual Magician/Caster to ensure stability in their practice.

Known Magick Users