Magic (or Magick) is the supernatural process by which certain beings in Universe X can manipulate the world around them. Arkn, Dekn, Risen, and half-breeds are all able to practice magic in some form.

Magic falls under two categories: Ethrial (which is aura based), and Siy (sigil) based. There is also Silulic Manipulation, which (though not considered a form of magic) is a supernatural ability similar to telekinesis. Only Arkn-blooded individuals can practice Ethrical magic, while only the Dekn-blooded can harness Silulic Manipulation; Risen, having both Arkn and Dekn blood, are capable of wielding both. Siy can be created by Arkn and Dekn-blooded individuals, as well as Humans. However, only the Arkn are able to naturally charge them.


During the creation of .Mainframe, a rebooted .Reality core was used to create a connection between the base and the universe on top of it. A split of the core was created to allow for the universe to be boxed in; this split core was taken over by Fab'rasi, and became the Heart of Ethri. Here, Fab'rasi expelled the last of its power, creating a being called Tatsuonga (or the Ethric Mind). Meanwhile, Ced'ric created a counterpart: a fearful beast known as The Silulic Horror, which dwelt in the Silulis. The Arkn (due to evolving by the hand of Fab'rasi) developed Ethric properties in their blood, which gave them direct access to Ethric power and a connection to Tatsuonga. The Dekn, meanwhile, were evolved by De'ebolus, developing special horns and super-active brains. while they were still developing, Jacques Redgrave appeared to them and taught them how to connect with The Silulic Horror (via their horns) in order to access certain telekinetic abilities.

The Arkn remained largely unaware of their innate Ethric powers until after coming in contact with the Dekn and the human explorers of U.M.E.E.C. The humans had discovered a mysterious relic deep within the Dekn realm, which enabled them to see the creational blueprint (or Siy) in the world around them. Using this device, the Dekn learned of the existence Siy (with the Arkn learning of them soon after). Both races also learned about the existence of Tatsuonga; the Arkn discovered that the being's energy was present within their bodies (in combination with the newly-discovered Siy). The Arkn noble Aluca'ard Irinith, the first of his family name, began experimenting with various Ethric magics and Siy; his discoveries led him to write a series of books (often referred to as The Natural Tomes), which taught many Arkn the properties of Ethric and magic and how to use it. A class of Arkn magic experts, known as magi (much like the magi of the Old World) soon arose.

The Dekn realized that they could not channel Ethri as the Arkn could; however, they could still create Siy and power them using the charge held in Rethryc crystals. Unfortunately, Rethrycs only grew in the Arkn homerealm. This would become became a source of great tension between the Arkn and the Dekn; it wasn't long before the tension erupted into a war, which continues to this day.

Ordinary humans from the Seeds, who had been evolved by the hands of Ced'ric and El'lepagi, were given neither Ethrial blood nor horns; thus, they did not have a connection to the Ethric Mind or the Silulic horror, and were unable to channel Ethri. While they, like the Arkn and Dekn, could connect with Tatsuonga to create Siy, they could not charge them without the use of a Rethryc crystal. In time, special U.M.E.E.C. technology (powered by Rethryc crystals) and bodily enhancements were developed to allow humans to charge Siy, and to mimic some of the powers of the Arkn and Dekn.

Ethrial Manipulation

Arkn within Universe X are able to channel the Ethri in their blood and charge it, generating auras via a process known as Ethrial Manipulation. These auras can:

  • Be used in the Lathrym only to create functioning wing-like manifestations.
  • Be used as a very limited third appendage that can lift or move objects to the extent of the user's strength.
  • Be channeled into a force that can be shot from a sigil (similar to an Ethric "harpoon").

All those with Arkn blood can channel Ethri raw. An aura produced by this method is less powerful, and doesn't have the same capabilities. However, it can:

  • Restore lost cells on a wound to an extent. (Limbs can't be regrown)
  • Generate heat rays (i.e. create a heat hot enough to burn something by focusing, condensing, and generating friction using the Aura).
  • Create a form of bright light by charging one's Ethri (to an extent); this can cause the aura to show off a color on the visible spectrum.

Half-Breeds are only able to channel Ethri raw; because of this, they cannot reach the power of a full-blood Arkn.

Silulic Manipulation

Dekn are unable to channel Ethri. However, they are able to use a form of psychic power by utilizing their connection to the Silulis. The Silulis, the bottom core underlying reality, is home to the Silulic Horror created by Ced'ric; this is where the Dekn power of Silulic Manipulation comes into play. Dekn Horns can forge a connection with the Silulic Horror, creating a projection of them within the Silulis that manipulates objects in the physical world (i.e. Ersis and the Lathrym) by manipulating their base data duplicates.

Dekn can strengthen their presence in the Silulis by "working out" (exercising) their connection. However, Dekn power has its limits: they cannot manipulate living beings (other than Humans, who have Elective husks that can be manipulated).

Siy-Based Magic

Everything in the universe has its own blueprint within creation: a unique line or curve, known as a Siy. The Siy were first discovered (or decoded) using the Siy Decoder, which enabled the user to "see" the Siy in anything they looked at. Using this device, the Dekn learned of the existence of Siy (with the Arkn learning of them soon after).

Using the Siy as an elemental base for a sigil, one can create a personalized symbol to represent what they need the sigil to do). For example, using a Fire Siy and surrounding it with a doodle of a bonfire will create a bonfire effect when activated. This can work for any basic symbol, to an extent. If it proves too difficult, words can be implemented or hidden in the sigil as well.

Once a sigil is drawn, it must be "primed" (given meaning); this is accomplished by tapping into the Tatsuonga, through focusing thoughts of one's intent towards the being (similar to a prayer). The sigil must then be charged before it can be activated. Arkn and Risen can charge sigils directly by channeling the Ethri in their blood; Dekn, however, cannot channel Ethri, and must charge the sigil using Ethric or Rethyc crystals. Similarly, humans can draw sigils and "prime" them by connecting with the Tatsuonga, but cannot charge them unless they have access to an external charge.

Elemental Siy

  • Fire: The raw Siy for Fire will allow one to channel a basic flame.
  • Water: The raw Siy for Water will allow one to create basic water from a sigil.
  • Earth: The raw Siy for Earth will allow one to create earthly elements when specified (i.e. Dirt, Sand, Stone).
  • Air: The raw Siy for Air will allow one to generate air, which can be simplified into gaseous elements.

The Siy comes in six elemental symbols, all down to a very broad base. Beyond these symbols, they can be expanded to individual elements by usage of the Intent Method.

  • Power: The raw Siy for Power allows one to generate electricity from the sigil at the extent of its charge.
  • Force: The raw Siy for Force allows one to generate a push or pull from or into the sigil.

Siy can also be combined. For example, you could draw the Siy for water, draw a snake, and put the Power Siy along with an outward arrow and a Force Siy, and when activated a large electrified water serpent will shoot outward from your sigil.

In addition:

  • Elemental effects from a Siy cannot harm the user.
  • Living creations can not be summoned from a sigil; for example, you can not have a sigil create a living cat, or a human.
  • Food items and other fabricated objects (such as money or clothing) cannot be created, as they are restricted directly by the Ethric Mind.
  • Ethri or any form of it also cannot be created using a sigil.

Ythian Siy

The Ythen can apply specialized Siy to an Arkn or Dekn, which only they can use. These sigils can only be granted to an Arkn or a Dekn directly by the Ythen.

  • Transmogrification: Transmogrification grants an object the appearance of another objects. This can be done by drawing a base sigil representing an existing object, combined with one for the object meant to be transmogged. (In other words, a Siy for a crystal, combined with the Siy for a rock in sigil format and charged, would give the crystal the appearance and properties of the rock while still remaining a crystal.)
  • Transmutation: Arkn and Dekn must adopt a human appearance upon entering Ersis. As with transmogs, this is done with a Siy granted specifically by the Ythen, which is set in stone (i.e. unable to be altered or manipulated). Activating the sigil allows the Arkn or Dekn to customize their appearance, by copying various attributes of existing people. As with transmogged objects, the Arkn and Dekn retain their own qualities and abilities (save for the Arkn ability to create wings). These human forms can be taken away by de-charging the sigil.

In addition:

  • If you are transmogging something new, that new form can't be altered or it will break. (I.e. if a rock transmogged into a tree, breaking off a leaf on the tree will break the form and it will return to a rock).
  • When using a transmutation Siy, an Arkn or Dekn can either copy a person's appearance directly, or create a mash-up of different peoples' features. For example, an Arkn or Dekn might have the body of Person B, with the eyes and hair of Person A.
  • Transmutation sigils typically appear on the user as a tattoo-like marking. While many choose to hide their markings, some incorporate them into their human appearance. (The Yakuza, for example, often incorporate their transmute sigils into their gang tattoos.)

Changes From Universe A

Much like in Universe A, the powers of the Arkn are magic-based, while the powers of the Dekn are psychic in nature. However, there are a number of differences from how Magic (or Magick) operates in Universe A:

  • Universe X magic does not use Strings. Because of this, beings can no longer do magic naturally (like Universe A Arkn and Dekn could do).
  • Arkn and Dekn can no longer teleport. However, Arkn can use a relocation sigil, which allows them to portal to other locations where they have placed the relocation sigil. Dekn cannot use relocation sigils because of the Aura requirement, and need to use specialized U.M.E.E.C. technology to achieve the same effect.
  • Because Humanity is no longer data, Arkn and Dekn cannot possess human bodies directly of their own accord. (The only exception to this is Zachriel, who is able to possess humans using the Universe A method.) Instead, they use Ythen-based Siy magic (known as Transmutation) to grant themselves customized human appearances in Ersis. However, both Arkn and Dekn still have means to control the bodies of humans:
    • Arkn can use specialized Ythen-granted sigils to "relocate" directly into the body of a human, basically wearing the human as a "meat suit". During these episodes, the human host may be aware of what is happening, but unable to control their actions. However, the human's mind can be subdued by the Arkn and put into a dream-like state. (This is standard practice, as it prevents the host from discovering the identity of the Arkn and "outing" the existence of Arkn to the general populace.)
    • Dekn (if they’re particularly strong) can fully overload a person’s brain with their powers, taking control of them. Maintaining complete control requires a great deal of effort; as such, few Dekn can do so for very long. As with the Arkn, revealing one's true identity to the public, abusing one's control over a human, or acting in such a way that alters the timeline of a healthy Seed (i.e. anything that could make it an Outlier) during these sessions is strictly forbidden. These crimes, if discovered by the Ythen, carry a harsh punishment – typically a spot in Tartareous.