Japheth'Kah'Iel, also known as Japhet, is an Arkn soldier who appears in the webseries Unwilling Dreamer. Formerly a warrior in the Golden Military, Japhet defected for personal reasons and became a nomad, living on Earth. He is the Arkn of Truth, Persuasion and Interrogation.


Japhet was a soldier of the Golden Military, though he was slightly immature and unprepared on the battlefield. His father was killed when he was very little, and his mother took his sister away from him, so he was brought up by a old man who (according to Japhet) "lived on the beach".

After some time serving in the Golden Military, Japhet wanted to work for the Arkn Cabinet in Elysia. They took up his offer, but never planned to go through with it until he brought a Dekn soldier named Enoch'van'keth back alive and interrogated him for a small amount of time. Japhet went back and bragged to the Cabinet, telling them what he had done; after careful consideration, the Cabinet took up his offer and made him the Royal Interrogator due to his persuasive methods to motivate on the battlefield.

After several eternities, Japhet soon figured out his job was no longer needed and feared that the Cabinet would exile him. The Cabinet indeed planned to exile him, and wanted him to go through the Bastard's Decay. Japhet pleaded with the Cabinet allow him to become a Guardian instead; they agreed, but were actually lying. When Japhet found the Cabinet had lied to him, he fled the city before they could strip him of his wings and powers. He hid in the sands of Nexia, where he became lost.

Due to more pressing matters, the Cabinet eventually stopped hunting Japhet. He escaped Nexia after some time and hid on Earth, where he tried to make contact with Ambriel. After finding out she was splintered, however, he took it open himself to help recompile her. After getting the data from Azrael, he went back into hiding. He now lives as a nomad, wandering the Earth.