And that little stone? Its black gold. It's carved out of The City of Black Gold, which is the Anti-Golden City called The Infinitium. It's where the Dekn live.

The Infinitium as it appears in Michael's Camera

The Infinitium, also known as The City of Black Gold, is the home to the Dekn. It is an empire that is governed by whoever should control their prison, The Infernous. The last known owner is Clubs.

The city is eventually destroyed by a Tum'to-controlled Raphael during the May 15th Catastrophe.



The Skyscraper is a significantly large, shining tower that is in the center of the entire civilization. This is where the ruler normally lives and governs, along with other relevant ambassadors. It's also where the justice system is located.


Domainelivre is the Library within the Infinitium, appearing as a large, monumental palace. It contains all the knowledge and history of the Dekn and their people. It contains all sorts of documentations of history and stories told by them. The educational system is also held in this palace.


U'gauhs are the term used for the Dekn Temples of worship. It is run by the Black Choir. There are several, each are used for separate ways of worship.


The Underground is the location where most of the Dekn live. Here is where the Dekn build the community and remain within their homes, most of which appear as black towers/houses.

The Hatch

The Hatch is where the Dekn are spawned. In this area is a room with a core of reality that leads to a place in Nexia where the Dekn are cloned/created. They are birthed from reality sludge, called Cluxious (clushis).

The Graveyard

The Graveyard exists around the outskirts of the Infinitium. It is a desert made of bones, and in the center of it, is a large pit that leads directly to The Infernous.


The Infinitium is an entire civilization that is made out of a shining black material. The lakes and water are made of light, and the size of the Skyscraper is so enormous, it could be seen from any location within the city. The city has a black sun that is nicknamed "Darkstar", that is enshrouded by a white, shining sky and black clouds.