The Hethe watched as the Arkn and Dekn began to go to war. The Hethe found this rival-ship to be boring, and with the first face, came humanity. On their own little orb in the endless void, humanity thrived peacefully. The Arkn wanted the orb. The Dekn watched as the Arkn attached themselves to Humanity and made the orb their own.

Humans were the third race of beings created by the Hethe. They were created by the Hethe Malek to mirror The Arkn, without the powers or wings.



As a Hethe, Malek had the ability to create alongside his fellow brethren. To assist him in creation, De'ebo made an orb for Malek to create on: the Earth. As an experiment, Malek's first creations were ferocious beasts (which would later be called "dinosaurs"). The Hethe were pleased with these creations as these beings began to violently attack and eat one another. Malek, however, was unhappy about this, and had his initial creations destroyed.

To take the place of these beasts, Malek began to form new beings, patterned after the Arkn. Because he desired for them to be more docile, without the vicious nature of the Arkn, he stripped the beings of any supernatural power, as well as their wings. Unfortunately, Malek's negative character traits were passed on to these beings at their creation, causing what is known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Nevertheless, Malek was pleased with his new creations, and placed them on the orb. They were dubbed Humans, collectively known as humanity.

The Watchers

Much to Malek's horror, the Arkn soon discovered the humans and took an interest in them. Initially, a group of two hundred Arkn (known as The Watchers) was specially selected to watch over Humanity and study their ways. In time, however, more Arkn began interacting with the humans firsthand, teaching them (among other things) the ways of war, attaching themselves to the humans as "Guardians" (essentially making them slaves to their will), and even encouraging humans to worship them as gods. In an attempt to stop this, Malek created a technological system, the Nexellium: a duplicate of humanity's original home, in which humans would be preserved.

In time, the Watchers fornicated with these humans; to their surprise, the humans gave birth to their children: Arkn-Human hybrids called "Nephilim", who possessed great powers. These beings soon propagated throughout the Earth, creating destruction, pain and suffering. Upon learning about this, the Intermediary Council (a council of Arkn and Dekn Lords who represent the different districts within The Golden City and Infinitium, who come together for a short time to discuss matters pertaining to both parties' interests), ordered the children to be slain by the Arkn Raziel, and for the Watchers to be exiled or executed. However, rather than kill the children, Raziel went behind the Council's back and worked with one of the Watchers, an Arkn named Asmodeus, to create an alternate reality for the surviving Nephilim. Raziel talked Asmodeus into receiving help from a Dekn named Vine (who had power over time), in order to keep the children safe and concealed within a time loop.


The Nexellium was Malek's finest creation: a land of time, peace, and love. However, the Hethe Leg'leg, who had been watching Malek create for some time, grew bored of his toying around; he sabotaged the system and destroyed humanity, save for the memories of their existence. Distraught at the destruction of his creation, Malek informed the other Hethe of what had happened, but they concluded that Leg'leg had as much right to create and destroy as the other Hethe.

Realizing how evil his brethren were, Malek departed their realm and entered existence, causing him to fragment into seven shards. Each shard had its own story and personality, representing the same seven traits that had previously been passed on to Humanity. One of the shards went to the Dekn, and gave them the idea to save humanity from the Arkn; to create a system similar to the one Malek had attempted creating before, and to perfect it. Four Dekn Lords known as the Persophelums (including Vine) worked on this system, and managed to transfer the lost souls of Humanity into it, protecting them from being enslaved and destroyed by The Arkn. This system was known as .Reality. Unfortunately, it failed to prevent the Arkn from meddling in the lives of humans: while the system was designed to prevent Arkn from entering, they continued to do so, possessing the humans and becoming guardians as they had done before. After many centuries of Arkn tempering with the system, .Reality began breaking down and becoming unstable.


The fate of humanity is uncertain. It is unknown whether .Reality survived the Battle of the Arknza, and if so, what became of the system afterwards. Logic holds that if any humans survived after the final battle, they were eventually consumed by Voidweb.

Powers & Abilities

Humans had their Arkn powers stripped from them at creation. However, some humans – namely, those patterned directly after Arkn in the bloodline of the Hethe – have powers that are dormant, rather than removed. These humans are known as human Arknza. Once they have awakened their Arkn blood, these special humans are capable of wielding the magic of the Arkn (often the class of magic their progenitor specialized in). In time, human Arknza can converge with their Guardian Arkn, merging with them physically into a single being while keeping their own thoughts and personality (to some extent).

Known Humans