In a place devoid of color, sights, sound, something shuffled its way along the nothingness. A monstrous being, cloaked in darkness came forward; atop its shrouded body, rested the skull of the yet-to-be-created raven. The beak sealed and the bones of the great beast clattered. Down the giant’s back, rose three tall spines. Impaled on each spine, flag-style, hung a face. The first face, the face of the Human, spoke an impossible language, with an incomprehensible dialect. From there, another beast, exactly in its image appeared, then came another, and finally four more. From the second face, the face of the Dekn, more words came, and with them, existence became.

With the third face, the face of the Arkn, existence was opened, and the words spoken created worlds, vast and empty. The beings stood watch over their newly created sandbox. These beings were the First. These beings were the Hethe.

The Hethe are the supreme beings and creators of all of existence. They are the only beings known to be unambiguously evil. The Arkn who know of them worshipped them as gods.


All that is and ever was in Universe A was because of the Hethe. The origin of these beings, and almost everything else about them, is a mystery. There are rumors that the Hethe were once mortal beings themselves, but this is unproven. No being knows their true names, and few know of their existence; the word "Hethe" itself derives from the Arkn's fanatical worship of these supposed "gods." Despite all races being morally ambiguous, these beings were, and will always be, of the greatest of all evil.

Other than The Fallen One, Ma'lek, the Hethe rarely interacted with the Arkn or Dekn, preferring to sit and watch from outside existence itself. The power of the Hethe was so vast that had they wanted to, they could have ended the war and wiped out all of existence. However, they chose not to, as they found the war between the Arkn and the Dekn entertaining.


Cedric Kharon recounts the Hethe as having blank, smooth, bird-like skulls with no orifices. They all wore cloaks made of the darkest of darkness, shrouded from light. Bones of unknown origin protruded from holes in the cloaks, and they leaked what resembled foul primordial fluid (known as Cluxious). They had some involvement and interactions with Edgar Kharon, who was later given care of Cedric, the only offspring and descendant of the creatures. Little is known about these things, however, beyond the stuff of legends.

List of Hethe

De'ebo: The Creator. Wore a top hat.

Cre'vial: The Spectator. Wore a bowler hat.

Leg'leg: The Bastard. Wore the helmet of a medieval knight.

Zag'orv: The Adventurer. Wore a tricorn hat.

Fab'ras: The Wise. Formerly had a cowboy hat; now wears nothing.

Tum'to: The Warmonger. Donned a set of elk-like antlers.

Gar'sha: The Mother. Wore a hood; with the hood down, it donned a fez.

Ma'lek: The Guilted One. Wore a flatcap.


De'ebo was the first and original Hethe to exist. Whether or not it created the other Hethe is unknown. This Hethe created the Deedrn I-F, and the Dekn. The first Dekn, Hash'bor'kanibal, would be a manifestation of its power, possessing a portion of it.

Cre'vial was the second Hethe to show up. Rather than taking part in De'ebo's creating, Cre'vial sat back and observed, until coming forth to meld together the first Arkn, Gynesis, from existing Dekn.

Leg'leg was the third Hethe to be, and is notably the first to exhibit any sort of evil traits demonstrated by destroying that which Ma'lek originally created. As punishment, any idea posed by Leg'leg was up to a group decision of all eight Hethe. In addition to this, Leg'leg was not allowed to create a Deedrn, and instead created the second Arkn, Gilgamesh.

Zag'orv was the fourth Hethe to come forth. While Zag'orv disliked creating, it is said that the Hethe did gain enjoyment from studying and analyzing that which the other's created, gaining the first bit of what would be known as knowledge. Zag'orv created the Deedrn, H-O-W.

Fab'ras was the fifth Hethe to arise, and the only Hethe to actively question existence. The Seeker was always answered, but never satisfied by answers. This is the Hethe that created the Deedrn, W-H-Y.

Tum'to was the sixth Hethe to become, and the angriest. To repose for its anger as a vent, Tum'to helped spark the Arkn and Dekn war, and notably created both the third Arkn, Abaddon, and the Deedrn D-I-E.

Gar'sha was the seventh and almost final Hethe to appear and is known collectively as the Mother, but notably the least powerful. Gar'sha took part in creating the oceans of humanity's realm along with the stars. Alongside this, rather than creating a Deedrn, it created the fourth Arkn, Raziel.

Ma'lek was an unexpected eighth Hethe and the youngest. While Ma'lek loved the creations, it did not seem to get along with the other Hethe, especially Leg'leg. Ma'lek did not create a Deedrn however, and opted to create something different instead: humanity.


Universe A

Billions of Infinities into the future of the Universe A, Voidweb had grown massive and uncontrolled. As Universe X developed, De’ebo watched in spite over this newly growing universe alongside his right hand, Fab’ras. While the two gods kept watch over this newly birthed universe, they were blind to the battle taking place in A.

Meanwhile, the Hethian God Leg’leg was overtaken by the God Eater Voidweb, with Garsha soon following suit. Zag’orv, Tum’to, and Cre’vial, unable to contact De’ebo, all attempted evacuation. As they entered Xua, their Realm, Tum’to stayed back to hold it off as they escaped, but was attacked. Cre’vial and Zag’orv were sealing away the entrance and exit to Xua when the Voidweb-infected Tum’to burst in, attacking Cre’vial and consuming him. With Cre'vial consumed, the only remaining Universe A Hethe stayed in Universe X, where they are safe – for the time being.

Universe E

Following the Battle of the Arknza (and the death of The Carver), De'ebo was disappointed at the loss of his puppet. He departed from the Universe, as it no longer held anything of interest for him; the rest of the Hethe left with him, departing for parts unknown.