By the way, our name is Drak, and we are the Arkn Lord of Humanities Self Consciousness, we exist within all of you, actually. Take that however you wish.
— Drakulah to Alex Winter.

Drakulah is the Arkn Lord of Self Consciousness. A member of The Associates, he is a very ancient and powerful Arkn, and allegedly exists within the consciousness of all of Humanity. He appears as the main antagonist in Season 3 of ACryFromWinter.



Drakulah is an Arkn Lord that has pertained attachments to every human. They were a Guardian to Alex Winter who had been suppressed by Dr. Ellis's medication.

A Cry From Winter

Drakulah had been seen several times prior to his introduction. Drakulah made themselves known to Alex Winter after he had overcome the suppression from the medication. They informed him that they were going to assist Alex in saving James before bending reality and sending him on a .Relapse.

Afterwards, Drakulah reappears to Alex and informs him that Karl is the only person that can help him. At the end of Season 3 of ACFW, it is revealed that the entire series has been part of Uriel's self-created fantasy in The Infernous, and was an illusion crafted to fool the audience.


In "An Obligated Ascent", the former Arkn King and general Abaddon summons Drakulah into the body of his guarded human, Tobias Kestler. Abaddon asks Drakulah to be his right-hand man, and to help him rebuild their kingdom (which was destroyed in a Dekn attack during the events of May 15th). Abaddon asks Drakulah to have all the humans with Guardians Arkn to tell their Guardians that the king has returned, and to get in touch with him. Drakulah agrees to this.


Drakulah is not heard from after this, and his ultimate fate is unknown. While the Arkn kingdom is eventually rebuilt under the instruction of Lazarus Delphar (who also rules New Elysia), it is unknown whether Drakulah plays a role in these proceedings.


  • It's known that Persophelus Redgrave has a deep hatred for Drakulah, most likely because of Drakulah's embedded connections to humanity.