From the second face, the Dekn awoke. In a miasma of shriveling darkness, the beings began to wander, purposeless, until finding a humongous tree. The Hethe watched as the Dekn began to surround the tree, as they began to carve into it little holes to be the homes of each. The Hethe were pleased.

Dekn symbol.

The Dekn were the first race of mortal beings ever created in Universe A. They were created by the Hethe Deebo, and from them, the Hethe would eventually create the Arkn to rival them.

The Dekn reside in The Undevarium. Their most recent Emperor is Redgrave.



The Dekn were the first race of mortal beings created by The Hethe. The first few were Hash'bor'kanibal, an unknown second Dekn, Harbinger, and Aetheris. Upon their creation, these four Dekn wandered aimlessly until coming upon a tree, which the Hethe had created. The Dekn lived in this First Tree, until the Hethe grew bored and decided crafted a new race of beings: something that would rival the Dekn, and go to war against them. The Hethe set aside some of the Dekn and altered them, using the darkness within them to create new beings beings. These beings were called the Arkn, and they were created solely to rival the Dekn and war against them for the amusement of the Hethe.

The First War

The first four Arkn, Gynesis, Xeth'i'stral, Abaddon, and Gabriel, saw the Dekn and wanted the tree they lived in. They attacked the Tree. Hash'bor'kanibal joined the Arkn in this attack in secret, and the Arkn claimed the Tree as their own. Hash'bor'kanibal claimed he had gotten behind behind enemy lines in the midst of it, and was revered for doing so amongst the Dekn, becoming something of a leader. Aetheris retrieved a form of sap from the Tree. He and Harbinger retreated to a new location of existence; an empty sphere, beyond the reaches of Nexia, where Harbinger created a new realm called the Undevarium. Here, Harbinger and Aetheris created a substance (combined of several materials, including the sap, Dekn blood, and possibly a fluid from the Hethe) that would allow the Dekn to create spawn, or rather an interpreted clone of themselves.

The Dekn regrouped and fought back against the Arkn, and ended up reclaiming the tree. The Arkn were unhappy, and crafted weapons (in addition to being gifted them by the Hethe) so they could fight back once again. This time, the Arkn set fire to the Tree, destroying it almost completely and leaving the Dekn homeless. Around this time, the Fourth Arkn, Raziel, observed the ways of both the Arkn and the Dekn. Seeing how much both sides had lost in the war, and that the First Tree was dying, he and the other prime Arkn took action: they cut their hands and bleed into a chalice, and their pure blood was poured into what remained of the Tree, releasing an energy that came to be known as Magick. Raziel mastered this energy, and used it to create two separate realities for the Arkn and the Dekn, The Infinitium and The Golden Cities. These two realities (once stabilized by the enigmatic eighth Hethe, Malek) allowed the Arkn and Dekn to live apart. Thus, the two races entered into a period of tentative peace.


With little conflict to contend with, the Dekn and Arkn societies were able to flourish. During this time, Hash'bor'kanibal rose up and reigned as Emperor of the Dekn (the second Dekn having perished in the war by that time). An Intermediary Council was also established; this council consisted of Arkn and Dekn Lords, who represented the different districts within the Golden Cities and the Infinitium and came together for a short time to discuss matters pertaining to both parties' interests.

The Hethe soon became bored of watching the two races. Malek decided to create a new race of beings: humans, whom he set upon a small orb called Earth. The Dekn and Arkn alike quickly took an interest in these new beings. The Arkn dispatched a group of 200 Arkn, known as The Watchers, to the Earth to observe the humans from afar. Before long, however, the Arkn decided they wanted the Earth for themselves; presenting themselves as benevolent celestial entities, they began mingling with the humans and interacting with them firsthand, teaching them the ways of sex, magick, desire, war, passion, pain. Some of them began attaching themselves to humans as "Guardians", essentially making humans their slaves; a few Arkn, Xeth'i'stral included, even encouraged humans to be worship them as gods. The Dekn were disgusted by this, and the tensions between the Arkn and the Dekn became strained.

Malek was also troubled by the Arkn interference in the lives of humans. He set out to create a new home for humanity: a computer system, in which humans would be preserved and protected from the Arkn. According to legend, some time after the Nexellium was completed, Malek crashed into the Undevarium. He was found by Harbinger, who nursed him back to health. Once Malek had recovered, he led Harbinger to the Nexellium. Harbinger settled here, and in time produced a son, Re'du'gravus. Re'du'gravus grew up among humans, becoming a legendary "trickster" figure. He took a number of names, finally settling on the name Redgrave. When Harbinger and Aetheris returned to Dekn society, they decided that Emperor Hash'bor'kanibal had become too powerful and plotted to overthrow him. However, the Emperor was able to convince Redgrave to become his second-in-command by making him a better offer; Harbinger's plans were thwarted, and he was killed by his own son, while Aetheris was banished.

The Carver is Born

Unbeknownst to most of the Arkn, Emperor Hash'bor'kanibal had continued using his shapeshifting abilities to move among them undetected. He mingled with the high-ranking Arkn, establishing himself as a respected Arkn soldier and Lord. In time, Hash'bor became a confidant and lover of the Arkn King Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh presumably discovered his true identity in time; however, he continued the partnership, as he was attracted to the power and control it could afford him. The two began concocting a plan to cement the conflict between the Arkn and the Dekn permanently. Gilgamesh began carrying out covert attacks on Arkn cities, sometimes with Hash'bor's help. These attacks were blamed on a fearful, skeletal Dekn warlord called "The Carver".

Hash'bor'kanibal began spying on Gilgamesh's subjects for him. Eventually, he learned that Raziel had broken his vow of chastity and created a family with a commoner. Hash'bor accompanied Gilgamesh went before the Council of Paradisium to make his accusations; when the Council refused to take action and punish Raziel, Hash'bor used his powers to brainwash the Council into sentencing Raziel's family to death and banishing him from the Golden Cities. With Hash'bor's help, Gilgamesh convinced the Council of Paradisium to began an Inquisition targeting magi and their families.

In order to establish The Carver's place as the Ultimate Evil and the greatest enemy of the Arkn, Hash'bor'kanibal and Gilgamesh concocted a plan. They staged a battle on earth, with Hash'bor pretending to be outraged by Gilgamesh's deification by humanity. Nearly all of the Seraphim were destroyed when Gilgamesh used Hethian Words.

The Watchers Incident

The Arkn had fornicated with human woman, and to their surprise, these women gave birth to their offspring. These beings, the Nephilim, soon became numerous upon the Earth. The Carver may have been involved with the Watchers fornicating with humans, due to the fact he has a Nephilim child. However, it is unknown how his child came to be, and this is debatable. What is known is that The Carver informed the Arkn aristocracy of the events going on in the human realm; he told them that if the information gathering party of Arkn were not returned to The Golden City, and the Nephilim destroyed, war would ensue.

The Intermediary Council ordered the children to be slain, and for each of the Arkn who had been involved in their creation to be arrested and returned to the Golden City. Both Raziel and Raphael were forced to take part in their capture. However, one of the surviving Watchers, Asmodeus, secretly approached Raziel and asked him to help save the surviving Nephilim. Raziel sent him to Vine, a Dekn with reality-preserving powers. Asmodeus escaped, and became one of The Carver's right-hands. These events contributed to the tensions between the Dekn and the Arkn, and would eventually lead to the Second War.

The Persophelum Renegade

Some time after the Dekn had departed from the Nexillium, the realm was destroyed by Leg'leg, who had grown restless and frustrated by Malek's creating. Enraged, Malek departed from the realm of the Hethe and shredded himself into seven fragments. One of these fragments went to the Dekn, and inspired them to save humanity from the Arkn, by creating a new system similar to the Nexellium: a new realm of life, where humans had infinite opportunities to live their lives free from the Arkn. Malek's shard called upon four powerful Dekn Lords, including Redgrave, Vine, Samael, and Clubs (known collectively as the Persophelums), to head this project. The new computer system was commonly known as .Reality.

The Torment of Ellpagg (The Knight Shift)

Eons after the damnation of Gilgamesh, the Arkn elite got together and plotted to kill The Carver in his own realm. They initially planned to send King Uriel to carry out the task, but were refused when Uriel said he wouldn't slay a brother, no matter how corrupted. They then turned to their second choice: Ellpagg, Uriel's own son. Ellpagg was informed that he was being sent on a "peace mission", to try to talk sense into The Carver and get him to turn back to the Arkn. In reality, however, the Arkn Council was counting on Ellpagg being corrupted by the experience and transformed into a Dekn Lord; they hoped that this would convince the Arkn that the evil of the Dekn was enough to turn even their prince (and one of the finest knights) to darkness.

After being sent into the Infernous, Ellpagg's memories are stripped, and he is escorted to his personal "cell" by two Dekn guards (one of them a disguised Carver, the other possibly being Redgrave). Ellpagg is subjected to the torments of the Infernous, while a captive audience of Arkn and Dekn watch his suffering through the Cloud9 feed. While this is happening, The Carver departs the Infernous to stalk Cedric Kharon, leaving Redgrave to watch over Ellpagg. When Ellpagg attempts to escape from the Infernous, Redgrave punishes him, possessing his vessel and sawing off his arm with a plastic fairy wand.

Eight eternities into Ellpagg's torment, The Carver himself appears and begins his personal torments. After this goes on for some time, The Carver takes on Ellpagg's form, allowing himself to be "rescued" from the Infernous by Malek, who deposits him with Cedric's party. Malek eventually sees through the ruse, however, and returns to get the real Ellpagg, who enters Reality. The Carver follows him into .Reality, and merges with a human vessel, Luke Anton. He tracks down Ellpagg's guarded human, Michael Knight, and draws Ellpagg out of Michael. After a brief fight, the two sit down to tea, and The Carver convinces Ellpagg to return to the Infernous by informing him that the Hethe need to see him personally. This turns out to be a trick, however, and Ellpagg is returned to the Infernous as a prisoner. The Carver himself is returned to the Infernous shortly thereafter, courtesy of a bullet to the head from a purported "fallen Hethe" calling himself Edgar Kharon.

The Fall of the Carver (The Knight Shift)

Upon the fall of The Carver, Clubs takes on the role of Emperor of The Dekn, after Azazel turns down the role.

Powers / Abilities 

Unlike the Arkn, the Dekn do not use Magick. The Dekn's powers were invested within them upon creation, using the power of Mentality to their will. Their powers are a concept of Psychic and Mental abilities, and shaping abilities at will rather than learning from them. Over time, a Dekn will earn their title from inventing and expanding to a certain element. For example, Provuscus was the first Dekn to create and manipulate light and began educating other Dekn on this ability. Through this, he became known as the "Dekn of Light".

Dekn are also well ordained through weaponry and armor. A Dekn may earn multiple titles through other elements, such as personality traits, chemistry and blacksmithing.



An example of a Dekn's appearance: Asmodeus sprouts horns within second of video coloration.

The Dekn are known for being aristocratic and noble. They're an adaptive culture, consistently trying to learn and find new abilities that they've yet to discover.

The Dekn are known for creating the .Reality system, a system created in order to protect humanity from being wiped out by the Arkn. They are able to guard humans as well as The Arkn are able to; however, this is not required of them. It should be noted that the Dekn live within a perfected society, under the rule of an emperor. There is no in-fighting, no stealing, and no crime.

The Dekn are asexual, and unable to procreate. Most Dekn are spawned from The Hatch, a room within The Infinitium leading to an area of Nexia where Dekn are cloned/created from reality sludge, called Cluxious (clushis).

Only through video discoloration, a Dekn will be shown to have horns originating from their temples, as well as their kinetic armor, on their current vessel.

Known (Named) Dekn

  • Aetheris (Banished)
  • Allastar – Dekn Preacher of the Black Choir.
  • Arie'exel – Dekn Lord of Hatred and Solitude. (Removed)
  • Asm'od'Deus – Dekn Lord of Desires, Deceit, and Nightmares.
  • Aza'azel – Dekn Lord of Power, Superiority, Rule, Insanity, and Fear.
  • Batibat – Son of Vine.
  • Beezlebub
  • Cedrad – Dekn Lord of Starvation.
  • Clubs – Prince of the Infernous (former); Emperor of the Dekn.
  • Co'olfic'colag – Dekn Lord of Salvation. Inspired the Cult of Coolificus Coolage.
  • Crow – Dekn Lord of Mind, Madness, and Possession.
  • De'rgro'smn
  • Dragon – Dekn Lord.
  • Enoch'van'keth – Dekn soldier. Captured and interrogated by Japheth'Kah'Iel.
  • Harbinger – The Third Dekn. Father of Redgrave.
  • Hash'bor'kanibal – Dekn Lord of Pain, Torment, Cheese (and sometimes Lettuce). The First Dekn and first Emperor of the Dekn.
  • Jezzebellus – Princess of the Infernous.  
  • Jin (Defected)
  • Kale
  • Kry'toha – Dekn Queen of Love and Hatred.
  • Leg'Ion – Dekn Lord of Consciousness.
  • Maxine
  • Mephistopheles – Dekn Lord and warrior.
  • Octavian
  • Orobas – Dekn Prince of Precognition. Son of Vine.
  • Phoenix – Dekn Nomad of Magic, Secrets and Sorcery.
  • Provuscus – Dekn of Light.
  • Redgrave – Dekn Lord of Humanity and Reality (former).
  • Reyn – Dekn of Temptation. Sister of
  • Sam Woods
  • Seive – Dekn scholar.
  • Surge – Dekn of Murder.
  • Tac Ordl – Dekn Lord of Cats.
  • Trompeur – Dekn Lord of Tricks and Chicanery.
  • Vasyl – Dekn Muse of Thorns and Poisons.
  • Vine – Dekn Lord of Time, Cards and Souls.
  • Virzalic Delfire – Dekn Lord of Time, Manipulation, and Mind.
  • Xanatos
  • Zagabacht – Dekn Intoner of Dissonance.