I don't remember inviting you. Get out.
— Clubs to Michaelis Winter.

Clubs is the fourth offspring of Hash'bor'kanibal and Kry'toha, referred to in legend as The Unknown Storn. He is a Persophelum, and becomes the Emperor of the Dekn and ruler of the Infernous after the fall of The Carver.

Clubs is seemingly killed during the Battle of the Arknza by The Carver, who absorbs his power.



Clubs was the fourth child born to The Carver and Kry'toha. He was the first pure-bred child of the Dekn, and the Prince of the Infernous, holding rights to Emperor-ship should his father ever fall. At some point, Clubs joined the Persophelum renegade, becoming the initial supervisor to the creation of .Reality.  

After the fall of The Carver (due to his death during the events of The Knight Shift), Clubs became the owner of the Infernous, as well as Emperor of the Dekn (due to Azazel turning down the title). Despite remaining part of the Persophelums, he no longer wore the title because he thought it was "lame".

Michael's Camera

In the Michael's Camera video "Miasma", Clubs appeared and completely ruined Michaelis's day by kicking him out of The Infinitium.

The Battle of the Arknza

As Uriel and Raphael fought the Carver and defended Ambriel, Clubs arrived outside the Paradisium with his own skeletal army, courtesy of reviving the dead data of the armies from .Reality. With his massive army, Clubs was able to fight off Uriel and Raphael from killing The Carver. Raph went after Clubs while Uriel stayed back and defended his friends. Clubs dueled with Raphael, who gained the upper hands by cutting off Clubs' arm. As Raphael prepared to deal the final blow, The Carver stabbed him through the back. An assistant of Clubs showed up and healed his arm. However, Clubs' army was defeated as Ambriel weaponized the Paradisium. When The Carver's army was also defeated by the mobilized city, Carver turned on Clubs and killed him, fully absorbing his son's power.

Personality and Appearance

In his natural form, Clubs (much like his father) appears as a skeletal being. He wears a three-piece suit with a striped tie.

Clubs has a deep, commanding voice. He has a no-nonsense demeanor, which always comes through in his interactions with others.


  • Clubs was originally going to appear in Universe X. He would have gotten in contact with (and become a mentor to) Franz Faust.