Cloud9 is a special .reality variant prototype present in the Infernous that operates the time lapses and events as if it were a movie or TV show for the Arkn and Dekn. The most popular stream on CLOUD9 was of the 'traitor' Knight, with the second being a private broadcast of Uriel's torment.


Cloud9, or as it is known in reality's classification, ".Cldnn", was established by the Arkn Cabinet to keep an eye on various torments undergone in the Infernous. While created by the Arkn, the Dekn have been known to take part in viewing the agonies of traitors, or just plain tormented Arkn. After creation, Carver and Redgrave showed up to destroy it, but upon finding it to be, as the Carver states, "entertaining", they left it alone and allowed it.


Cloud9 can be operated through multiple ways, either utilizing cameras or a special type of Sethe known as Fythe. While it does sync into .reality, the official core operation of Cloud9 is unique and does not rely on red-screen or Sethian code. Instead of using raw, unfiltered Nexian Hex, a simpler underscore space system is used.

Example of Cloud9 operation as opposed to .Reality operation



Error Cldnn: .-..-.\\CORRUPTION