Az'uh'ra'el (or Azrael) is a powerful Arkn Knight encountered by Cedric Kharon and his companions during their travels. Until his untimely death, he was the original fifth Arknangel. He appears as a supporting character in No More Truths.  


Background (Arknthology)

During the reign of King Uriel, the First Arkn Gynesis, who had been isolated and alone, came together in a union with an unknown Arkn warrior. The two formed a child. Shortly after the child's creation, the warrior revealed himself to be a disguised Hash'bor'kanibal and departed from him.

Nevertheless, Gynesis was overjoyed at the birth of his son. He announced the birth in a private audience with Uriel (the son of his old ally, Gilgamesh) and his personal friend, Raziel. Since only Raziel understood the most ancient form of the Arkn tongue, he translated Gynesis' writing to say Az'uh'ra'el, immediately recognizing it it to be the name of his firstborn child. The birth of Azrael (as he became known) was a matter of importance, as it marked the arrival of the fifth Arknangel (as well as the fourth member of the Paradox Players quartet, prophesied to be victorious over the Carver in battle).

It is hinted very briefly that Malek knows Azrael. However, it is unknown how the two of them know each other, or the nature of their relationship. 

The Logs of Cedric Kharon (No More Truths)

When Cedric Kharon encounters Azrael during his journeys, he is known as "The Arknangel", and is a powerful Arkn Knight and magick user. He is on par with the Arkn Lords, as well as possessing free will (which is very rare); because of this, the Arkn Lords fear him. The main domain of the Knight is Castle Domm’erauj. However, his free will enables him to travel to nearly any realm – including The Beyond, Xoya, The Infernous, and The Golden City – without being seen as a problem. (The only exception seems to be The Infinitium.)

The Arknangel (as Cedric refers to him) first appears after Cedric and his companions are attacked by a creature called a God’tera’angun (possibly sent by The Carver). The Knight decapitates the beast at the last second, saving Cedric, then invites the party to tea at his castle before departing. Upon the party's arrival at Castle Domm’erauj, the Arknangel presents himself as being "too important for this nonsense", talking down to Cedric, forcing him to kneel and raising his voice; his behavior shows the Knight to be in dominate control, as most are in their domain. Cedric recounts that at one point, that he and the Arknangel were friends; whatever happened to break that bond has not been shown in his Logs.

The Arknangel commands Cedric to go on a quest to retrieve the rest of the prophesied Arknangels (including Ellpagg, who is still trapped in The Infernous), so that he can bestow upon all of them the power of the Paradox Players. The quest requires Cedric to travel to Elysia, via The Drain. Once Cedric arrives in Elysia, however, he discovers that the entire quest was a ruse: Lazarus DelPhar had asked The Arknangel to send Cedric to the Golden City, so that a sample of his divine blood could be obtained as the power source for the Entropy Machine.


It is unknown precisely what happened to Az'uh'ra'el after his meeting with Cedric. However, it is said that he stepped in to prevent The Carver from killing Cedric at a later point on his journey, and was killed in battle. Az'uh'ra'el's name was later passed on by Ellpagg, who gave it to another Arknangel (who also took his place among the Paradox Players).


Azrael is described as a glowing figure who looks something like a cowboy, albeit bearing a knight's armor (along with a mechanical arm of some sort). It is unknown what happened to his arm, and why there is bad blood between him and Cedric. Interestingly, Azrael's physical description is very similar to that of Azrael Michaelis Winter, who takes up his name (and position) following his death.


I looked up and saw a figure surrounded by pure light, carrying an ancient sword. The figure nodded to me, the blank features assuring my safety. I watched glistening armor and tough leather clash with plated flesh and felt the shock through my body. I could see him, the Carver, leaning against a tree, smiling. He watched us from a distance with the eyes of a falcon. I turned back in time to see the head of the monster come sliding from its shoulders. Strange color flowed from the neck and splashed onto a mechanical arm, holding a thin blade. The blade was slid into a sheath, and the figure re-adjusted their wide-brimmed hat.
Cedric Kharon. "The Blank Forest (2)", No More Truths.
My form had returned and my vision unblurred enough to meet this new friend, now dusting off their over coat, giving the armor underneath a nice breather.

I understood who it was immediately. He bore many names given, spanning countless forevers, but stuck with one name in particular.

“Tea is at second noon. Do not be late, we have much to discuss.”

He handed me the key to his domain, baring the crest of Castle Domm’erauj.

I watched the Arknangel’s wings crack into existence, sending him high above the forest and away into the night.

— Cedric Kharon. "The Blank Forest (2)", No More Truths.
"Who the fuck do you think you are?" The Arknangel’s voice started calm, but rose to a yell. "When I say kneel, you kneel. When I SAY BOW TO ME, YOU. FUCKING. BOW TO ME. I AM THE DAMNED RULER OF THIS DOMAIN. MY WORD IS LAW AND YOU WILL OBEY."
— Cedric Kharon. "The Blank Forest (2)", No More Truths.


  • In addition to sharing a name with another Arknangel, Az'uh'ra'el shares a nickname with Ellpagg ("The Knight").
  • In his appearance in "The Quest (End of Act 1)", Az'uh'ra'el identifies himself as Xerex Storn, one of The Carver's hybrid children. This is a discarded concept (as Xerex is later introduced as a separate character), and is not to be regarded is canon.
  • It is unknown what kind of magick Azrael practices. However, he seemingly has the power to alter the bodies of others.