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Written By Agressivebadger
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"The last year has shown a major increase of popularity in a modern age religion only known as Arknism.  This in fact is not its actual name but this is what I've come to calling it.  Here on this YouTube account I am going to be looking into this stylishly new religion and critiquing its methods and beliefs.  Are those that follow it real believers or is this all just some internet cult? These are the answers I am seeking plus many more including a locally unsolved murder that I believe to be the work of one of Arknism's great deities, Hooks.  This notorious serial killer who usually works in and around the New Comshine area may have travelled into my nick of the woods and I am here to prove it.  Through intensive research and multiple viewings of the youtube channel "Handprints of the Dead" otherwise referred to on the message boards as simply "handprints" ; I will compare and contrast the killings and symbolism used by the Hooks Killer and that of the killing that took place here."
This is the description left in the about page of the channel. From this we are able to gather the series focuses on the main character, Tony (mentioned in the first video titled: catalog 001), as he tries to go through some form of notes he has on the channel Handprints. The camera seems to pick up some kind of distortion when he looks at something outside the window, outside of this there isn't anything unusual minus the missing audio.


  • Tony