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The Sign of the Omnirethyc (or Omnicall), the original logo for Arkn: Legacy.

Arkn: Legacy (a.k.a. Arkn X) is the second canon universe in The Arkn Mythos. Created by DeathlyLogic, Kekstein, Penthepoet, and Candlewalkerstudios, it launched in the spring of 2017, and functions as both a true sequel to The Arknverse and a stand-alone canon.

Legacy takes place in Universe X: an entirely new universe which was born out of the End Times of Universe A. It is composed of a series of independent (though loosely connected) storylines, and is a major departure, in both tone and storytelling, from its predecessor. Whereas The Arknverse was almost entirely restricted to the urban fantasyand cyberpunk genres, Legacy allows room for virtually any genre to be explored.


In Universe X conflict rages (as it did in the universe that came before) between the angelic-looking, magic-wielding Arkn and the demon-esque, psychic Dekn. Humanity (from whom the Arkn and Dekn evolved) lives in quintet of universal orbs known as "Seeds", apart from the sub-realms the Arkn and Dekn call home. However, the Arkn and Dekn live amongst humans in disguise — outsourcing their own versions of the Mafia and the Yakuza, co-running multi-dimensional corporations...and, on occasion, exterminating universal orbs that have outlived their apocalyptic deadlines.


Much of the content in Legacy (as of now) is written, and consists of short stories and blog series. However, there is also a vlog series and a number of audio logs, as well as a podcast in the works.

Legacy is currently composed of seven storylines. Some are independent, while others are loosely connected.

Staff of the Scholar. A plotline which follows the adventures of the half-Arkn Franz Faust.

The Siren Saga. A storyline which revolves around the Dekn singer/songwriter Shanna Averil and the Society of the Purple Rose: a Dekn cult that has devoted itself to the service of Marchosias Aversen.

The Baelbaurith Sequence. Explores the in and outs of the Dekn Court.

The Bard's Stories. The ongoing saga of Ryael Morrow.

Laurien's Tale. The story of Arkn siblings Laurien and Laen Adaire, who share an unusual mental bond. When Laurien is taken into the Society of the Purple Rose, Laen becomes desperate to rescue her.

The Secret Chord. An independent storyline revolving around an elderly Risen caring for his sight-impaired grandson.

Crossroads Radio. An Ersis-dwelling Dekn produces a radio podcast.

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