The Stag

Arkaissa stands as home to the true neutral, an unnamed pseudo-race of Arkn and Dekn that have united to be free from the war. The city itself stands atop a giant, green, human-faced deer known as the Stag. This creature is said to have been created by one of the Hethe, Zag'orv, and has since been tamed and controlled by Ellpagg. Eventually, he was able to harness enough magickal energy to conjure up the base city, which has since expanded to castles and houses linked together by a large, magickal brace on the Stag's back. The city is kept in constant motion, as Ellpagg usually steers the Stag close enough to the Aethierium to pick up new members, but far enough away that the Arkn legions cannot assault it, as the True-Neutral are seen as terrorists to the Arkn.


Prince Ellpagg: The First King of Arkaissa.

Aliuume: Queen of Arkaissa.

Proxy Xenith: The co-ruler of Arkassia. Rules while Ellpagg is away

Cecil Xenith: Spokesman for the true-neutral

Sir Neutral: A human prophet; the last known ruler of Arkaissa.


While initially a monarchy, the Dekn co-ruler Proxy Xenith was able to enact the same rules held in the Infinitium, thus rendering society perfected. While it is divided into castes, Ellpagg was able to divide privilege to where everyone was happy, from the nobles to the peasants.


The nobles reside in the Blue District, alongside Ellpagg and the Queen. Their living quarters are designed as floating islands, connected to magickal chains that link into the Stag's collar.

The Arkn District is where the Arkn reside by default. However, Dekn have just as much right to live there if they wish. It's structured to be similar to the Golden City of Elysia, and as such, is gold.

The Dekn District is home to the Dekn, and operates just the same, with Arkn allowed in. The style is similar to the black gold found in the Infinitum.