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• 6/30/2017

Wiki Bureaucrat Rights?

With FeralWasteland no longer holding the wiki hostage and us free to update it, we need to decide on the new admins, plus Bureaucrat. I personally feel like either Hunt (Kekstein) or myself should have the Bureaucrat role, to manage everything, and Penthepoet and Candlewalkerstudios should regain their adminship. It's only fair to give them all back their roles that FeralWasteland removed out of spite. Any other suggestions? I'd love to hear
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• 6/29/2017

Recent events

Hi, everyone.

We've gotten some reports that the situation here has become unstable. I have stepped in so that we can hopefully reach some kind of stability for the community. I have created this space so that @FeralWasteland and everyone else can (civilly) discuss recent events.

In general, a rash of speedy demotions and tight protections is not the sign of a healthy community so I have taken away @FeralWasteland's user rights. Depending on how this discussion goes, they can be restored and so can anyone else's depending on what the community decides going forward.

I would encourage everyone to calmly talk about the reasons why these actions were taken and how this community plans to move forward.
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• 12/2/2016
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